Cory Hartmann

Ben Bernstein

Senior Account Manager

What do you like best about working at MyITpros?

“We have a great environment here. We work together as a team to make sure our clients are happy and that tasks are getting completed. I love being able to play a game of foosball in the break room or join in one of the many events MyITpros throws.”

What one piece of technical advice could you never live without?

“When something isn't working, Google is your friend! I use Google to research complex issues at work and at home. Chances are you aren't the first person to experience an issue. Google will point you in the right direction for help.”

Which MyITpros core value do you identify with the most?

“Do the right thing! The most important part of the job is making sure my clients are happy. I do my best to go above and beyond protocol to ensure we are doing right by our clients.”

What are you most passionate about in your work?

“I enjoy being an account manager. A big part of being an account manager is working with business owners and planning their technology as they grow. We’ll discuss anything from office moves to new server purchases to network overhauls, etc. Watching my clients’ businesses grow and succeed is great. Having that critical role in their success makes what I do that much better and makes me very passionate about all of my work.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in Austin?

“It’s tough to narrow it down to just one thing. I moved from New York to ATX for so many reasons. The food, the people, and the live music scene are the obvious, easy answers. If I had to pick just one thing it would probably be bringing my dog to Zilker park and enjoying the South Austin/Barton Springs area.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

“In my spare time I love working on my Jeep. Nearly every modification to the Jeep I have installed myelf or with my friends. I take the Jeep offroad to Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, TX. I love challenging my Jeep and myself as we crawl over rocks, mud and obstacles that most cars and trucks can't even imagine getting through."

JEEP.jpg*Actual photo of Ben's jeep

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