Bill McCharen

Bill McCharen


In 2004, Bill started as a Systems Engineer at MyITpros. He was promoted to IT Director in 2008, and today is President and a principal shareholder. In addition to managing operations he handles the bulk of sales and high-level account management.

What do you like best about working at MyITPros?

“Working with smart, funny people. And that is both internal and external. Internally, we have really intelligent, fun people to be around. People that share my enthusiasm and passion for service. I love to figure out ways to improve on our service and really help the clients. I also just really love working with entrepreneurs- small business owners who have found creative ways to start a business. It’s fun and inspiring to work with them.”

What are you most passionate about in your work?

“Trying to regularly produce win-win outcomes. I feel it’s important to maintain balance across all the relationships we have, so for example, with employees, I want them to feel like they contribute and make a fair living and in turn they deliver excellent service to our clients. For our clients, its making sure we deliver as much in value as they give us in dollars. And hopefully exceed it!”

Which MyITpros core value do you identify with the most?

“Own it. I have always had a high degree of personal responsibility. As a technician or an account manager, whenever a problem would arise I would do whatever was in my power to own the issue until there was a resolution.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in Austin?

“Well, I love that it’s spring seven months out of the year here because I love to run, swim, camp- anything outdoors! I love all of our rivers and creeks here, and the greenbelts are some of my favorite places.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

“I’m a musician and songwriter. I’ve toured across the country with my band, Hundred Year Storm. Check out our music on iTunes!

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