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MyITpros has a user-friendly payment portal where new clients can enter payment for automatic payment authorization. A welcome email goes out to the provided contact who will set up an account and choose a password.

Logging in:
To access the portal, browse to: http://gateway.myitpros.com
Username: business email address
Password: chosen upon acct set up

If a user does not know their password, they can set reset password (if they have already been setup). If they have never been setup in the portal, they can click on request access and MyITpros will receive an alert to set them up in the portal.


Setting up your payment method:
Once you are logged in, you can create your payment method by clicking on “new payment method” on the dashboard:


Email billing@myitpros.com to change permission of an existing user or to request access for a new user to the gateway

Click on “Payments” on the main task bar to view payment history:



  • Terms require an automatic payment authorization on file. Any exceptions must be approved by the Director of Finance or President of MyITpros.
    • New clients will need to log in to the payment gateway to setup the payment method for their automatic payment (see above)
  • All invoices are delivered by email to the provided finance contact indicated in our records
    • More than one contact can be copied on the invoice emails
    • Email changes to the finance contact to billing@myitpros.com
  • Different services are invoiced at different times:
    • Recurring invoices for monthly services are invoiced on the 1st
    • Hourly/Out of scope invoices are billed on the last day of the month
    • Projects/Parts are invoiced as needed
  • Payment is due on receipt for all services
    • Invoices for hardware, software, projects or equipment are due at the time of order
  • Should an account become past due, the account will be charged a late fee of up to 1.5% of the unpaid balance per month (compounded daily). Late fee invoices are generated monthly in the first week of the month. Reasonable fees may be added if account is referred to the collections department of MyITpros or a collection agency or attorney.
  • You can view or print invoice history and payment history in our payment portal:

    Click on “Invoices” on the main task bar to view or print invoice history:



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