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Cloud Computing

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Many companies today are turning to cloud computing to simplify their infrastructure and reduce IT costs. But the cloud’s not necessarily right for everyone. We’ll help you determine whether your business would benefit from shifting to this flexible computing model of accessing IT resources over the Internet – and, if so, what kind of cloud computing environment is best for you.

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If you need to empower your mobile workforce across multiple locations, remote employees or traveling sales people the cloud can offer those employees the same experience as your home office.

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If you need to quickly add employees or have a fluctuating workforce the cloud is most cost effective way. Simply pay for what you need each month as your company changes.

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Almost all cloud-based services are billed monthly, reducing overall capital expense. Moving large capital intensive projects into an operational expense cost structure helps manage your cash and budget more predictably.

MyITpros’ cloud solutions can be broken down into two areas:



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