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Complimentary dark web scan

Utilizing our industry-leading toolset, our experts crawl the dark web in search of compromised credentials, taking note of the origin of any breach. We will then compile our findings into a comprehensive and convenient report for your viewing!

What is the dark web?

Search engines typically only search through a mere 0.04% of the indexed or “surface” internet. The dark web, a hidden sub-layer, is estimated to be 550 times larger than the surface web.

It’s estimated that over 50%

of all sites on the dark web are being used for illegal activities, such as the sale of credentials. Compromised companies are often not aware their information was sold—until it’s too late.

Without our Dark Web Scan service, here’s what you could be dealing with:

Spam being sent from compromised email accounts

Defaced web properties and the hosting of malicious content


Installation of malware on compromised systems


Other accounts that use the same credentials becoming compromised


Exfiltration of sensitive data (a data “breach”)


Identity theft