Danny.pngDanny Rozentuller

Help Desk

What do you like best about working at MyITPros?

The laid-back environment with no drama among my coworkers.  Although we are broken down to individual teams, we all work together as one giant team, making sure we can all get the job done.

What piece of technical advice could you never live without? 

Let me google that for you.

Which MyITpros core value do you identify with the most?

The core value I identify most with is Adapt.  Learning to adapt to each client and their various systems is the only way to survive, and succeed here in MITP.

What aspect of your work are you most passionate about? 

When you are able to identify an issue someone is having and are able to quickly resolve the issue at hand, that brings me all the satisfaction in the world.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Austin?

Since I am new to Austin, everything is my new favorite thing!  Exploring the parks, finding new restaurants and venues, enjoying everything Austin has to offer. And dog watching!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I can do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.