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It’s about service,
not servers

MyITpros’ data backups get systems back on track fast

Your company’s data is the lifeblood that supports customers, keeps workflows running and maintains your edge above the competition.

It’s also one of your biggest vulnerabilities. From power outages to ransomware attacks to accidental deletion, unexpected data threats can come from almost anywhere, at any time.

Don’t let your greatest strength become your Achilles’ heel. Our data backup solutions and disaster recovery strategies will help you recover data without a hitch—and get your business back on its feet fast.

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Data backups


Professional management

Our team of expert IT technicians will work with you to map all existing data sources and prioritize around mission-critical assets. We’ll create fully articulated, tested procedures to back up your data and minimize loss.


Automated backups

Backups are fully automated and programmed to occur at regular intervals, ensuring that you always have the most current data at hand.


Redundant data storage

Your backup has a backup. We design diverse storage strategies, configuring backups to save in multiple instances. You’ll always have access to your files, no matter what happens.


Disaster recovery solutions

Data loss is scary. But data recovery can be just as hair-raising. Revert to a corrupt file or an older iteration, and you could lose months of work. Our IT professionals are here to help you navigate the murky waters of disaster recovery, minimizing the impact of a data event.


Continual testing

Leave the maintenance to us. We test data backups regularly to rule out file corruption and improve data integrity.


Encryption services

Encrypted data backups give you the same level of data protection you expect in your everyday networks.


Industry compliance

Keeping your business compliant with government and industry regulation is a key part of our data backup strategy. We’ll work with you to build storage environments that meet and exceed regulatory standards.

We'll happily be your backup plan

With MyITpros, you’ll never have to worry about your data being lost. Connect with us today for your free consultation.