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Let our expert train your employees, for free



The perfect compliment to your security training slide deck...

Our expert will share powerful insights, answer questions, and handle the entire presentation as a complimentary service (yes, it’s free).

We know making a presentation on a topic you’re not entirely familiar with can be difficult or uncomfortable. Which is why we want to make this really easy for you.

If you’re serious about leveling up your cybersecurity (and you should be right now), we’ll send our top security expert to your office to do this training in-person OR via a virtual meeting (depending on your preference).

You already requested the slide deck so we know you understand the value of the training. But now you have the chance to have an experienced cybersecurity professional share his years of knowledge and expertise with your team.

This is by far, the most effective way to conduct employee cybersecurity training.


By inviting our expert to train your team you’ll get direct access to one of our most experienced team members. During your training they will:

Share first-hand accounts that drive the importance of cybersecurity home
(so your people take this seriously and work harder every day to prevent a breach).
Answer questions one-on-one so that everything being taught makes sense to each and every person in the room (it only takes one weak link to break the cybersecurity chain).
Give personalized recommendations based on the unique security requirements of your firm (so you know exactly which areas to focus on).

What's the catch?

This is the best part. There isn’t one.

We just want the opportunity to meet you. For us, one of the best parts of these trainings is that we have the opportunity to get to know your firm.

Sometimes we’re asked to support in additional security upgrades
(sometimes small firms like yours hire us because they see incredible value in it).

Sometimes we’re not, and that’s okay.

We’re not selling anything, we're networking.

Transform your business from "sitting duck" to virtually hack-proof in 60 minutes or less...

Cybercrime is at a level we haven’t seen in recent years.

We want to help as many companies in the small business sector as possible but, due to high demand, we can only make this training available to a few at a time.

Please apply today to secure your spot and we’ll reach out shortly to schedule your training.