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From the Tech Desk

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6 ways managed services can boost your Texas business (it’s not all user support)!
Is encryption really essential for my Austin business?
5 ways to start off 2019 on the right cybersecurity foot
Ask an MSP: How can I make sure my network is healthy?
Is biometric access the next stage in passwords?
Top 5 technology resolutions for the new year
3 ways IT agility can help your San Antonio business achieve its goals
What should my managed services provider be doing to protect my Austin business?
12 days of technology: The complete review
12 days of technology, Day 12: Click & Grow Smart Garden 3
12 days of technology, Day 11: Petnet Smartfeeder
12 days of technology, Day 10: FIXD OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor
12 days of technology, Day 9: The Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light
12 days of technology, Day 8: MEATER wireless smart thermometer
12 days of technology, Day 7: goTenna Mesh
12 days of technology, Day 6: Leather tassel key chain iPhone charger
12 days of technology, Day 5: The Ring Video Doorbell
12 days of technology, Day 4: Clocky, the original runaway alarm clock
12 days of technology, Day 3: Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera
12 days of technology, Day 2: The Lego Boost
12 days of technology, Day 1: Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit
What threats do healthcare companies need to look out for during the holidays?
4 reasons why you should give thanks for managed services
Are two clouds better than one? Discover multicloud, the new enterprise cloud trend
Ask an MSP: What questions should I ask when interviewing IT providers?
How to set the right IT budget for your Austin business
Disaster recovery for small businesses: How to plan for the next storm
It's a horror story! The scariest cybersecurity facts you've ever seen
STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™: Discover how you can help protect the public from cyberthreats
5 cybersecurity measures your San Antonio business needs
How to create a culture of cybersecurity in the workplace
Ask an MSP: Is it safe for healthcare organizations to store data in the cloud?
Top 4 careers in cybersecurity (and how to get them)
Convenience: the ultimate sacrifice you need to make for security
It's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Here's everything you need to know
How to manage cybersecurity risk for your small business
The real reasons IT support tells you to restart your computer
Beating the security burnout: Fresh ways to train your employees
Why thinking of your IT department as a cost center is a costly mistake
Ask an MSP: How dangerous is BYOD to my business security?
Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and up your security
What are the three pillars to improving business security?
Our favorite tech advice! From MyITpros to you
Jackpotting: The ATM malware attack targeting banks
5 signs that it's time to switch from hourly IT to managed services
All the stats you need to know from the 2018 Webroot threat report
How to plan for IT when moving your San Antonio business
Top 3 things to know when buying computer hardware and software
Ask an MSP: What to do when attacked by ransomware
MyITpros ranks among the top 501 global managed service providers
Easing into email encryption: What are the options for businesses?
4 reasons your San Antonio business should "outsource" IT
Tech's Future Is Female: A Look at Gender Issues in Computing
What is the biggest cybersecurity threat to the title industry?
Can the cloud really save your business money?
Attack of the... attacks! The most common cybersecurity threats to look out for
[Infographic] Securing your cell phone: The forgotten cybersecurity frontier
Understanding the future of password protection
4 simple steps to secure your business' financial data
2 reasons to fire your managed services provider
The 2018 guide to IT support in San Antonio, TX
How to create a simple cybersecurity plan for your business
MyITpros vendor spotlight: Momentum Telecom
Is a remote desktop platform right for your business?
How the cloud is affecting CIOs and CTOs today- and tomorrow
Is your IT support doing the right things to protect your business?
What is the dark web and why does it matter to me?
4 proactive ways to protect your personal data online
What will managed services do for my business?
MyITpros celebrated turning 25 with a birthday bash!
What exactly is the difference between a data center and the cloud?
6 signs your company is a good fit for managed services
When to expect a change in your managed services cost
The hidden IT costs that could be draining your business
Security made simple: Network vs cyber vs information
The 2018 guide to IT support in Austin, TX
6 strategies for cloud computing security
Managing workplace conflict with crucial conversations 
Foundational protection: The proactive approach to cybersecurity 
4 benefits of network monitoring you probably forgot about
MyITpros software spotlight: Workable, our recruiting system
Keep it simple: Selecting the right server type
25 years of facts about MyITpros 
Short-term savings that can lead to long-term IT costs
The essential elements of a disaster recovery plan
What hourly IT support means for your small business
Defining the difference between IT compliance and IT security
5 tips for staying safe when browsing the web
MyITpros product review: OneDrive for Business
Do I need a cloud provider or a managed services provider?
The truth behind 5 top cybersecurity myths
Why cloud computing might be on "the edge" 
Swipe right on your favorite Austin IT provider this Valentine's Day!
MyITpros spotlight: The 2018 Girls in STEM conference 
Realtors beware! How to protect against wire fraud phishing scams
Realtors beware! What you need to know about wire fraud phishing scams
MyITpros product review: The Nintendo Switch
What’s the biggest threat to your business in 2018?
How to maintain security with remote workers
IT faceoff! Cloud hosting versus dedicated server hosting
Ransomware roundup: What you need to know for 2018
4 factors to help you find the best IT provider
Is web filtering a necessary evil for small businesses?
MyITpros 12 days of technology: The complete review
12 days of technology, Day 12: littleBits Star Wars droid inventor kit
12 days of technology, Day 11: Photojojo Shutter Remote
12 days of technology, Day 10: BioLite CampStove 2
12 days of technology, Day 9: Lightbox Puzzle
12 days of technology, Day 8: Belkin Boost Up wireless charger
12 days of technology, Day 7: iPhone X
12 days of technology, Day 6: Spectacles – Sunglasses for Snapchat!
12 days of technology, Day 5: Nest Protect
12 days of technology, Day 4: Nikon Coolpix W100
12 days of technology, Day 3: The Tile Slim
12 days of technology, Day 2: The Nintendo Switch
12 days of technology, Day 1: Google Cardboard
Meet MyITpros' core values!
What types of businesses will benefit from the cloud?
The protective power of the password
Spotted! Top 5 tips for seeing through phishing scams
Hacked! The biggest data breaches of 2017
What are the 5 biggest threats to your cloud security?
Don’t trash your tech: E-waste and what to do with it
Nothing is safe! Meet SMiShing: The cyber attack on your mobile device
Is one cloud enough? Defining multi-cloud storage for your business
How to get your technology to “go green”
What are the ABCs of managed services?
2017 is the year for smart logistics
The future of cloud computing in business
Essential actions for your health care cybersecurity strategy
Which server type is right for your small business?
To pay or not to pay: What to do when ransomware attacks
We watched the Apple live stream so you didn’t have to! What we learned about the latest iPhones
4 critical security questions to ask an IT provider
Think smart! Top technology products for smart office automation
Disaster recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
Protect yourself! 8 critical components to small business security
MyITpros vendor spotlight: KnowBe4
Can a data breach really bankrupt your business?
MyITpros service spotlight: Procurement
3 reasons why your Austin business should ‘outsource’ IT
What Jennifer Lawrence taught me about photo hacking
Tales from the IT desk: When Cryptowall attacks
What cost-saving tactic is actually losing your company money?
3 ways managed services will make your life worse
[Infographic] The top technology terms everyone should know
OpenDNS: A gateway to smarter, faster internet
Inside MyITpros' (not so) secret weapon: The managed business review
MyITpros service highlight: Software solutions
6 tips to protect your technology from the heat
What is the best way to protect all your passwords?
Ransomware Alert: 10 facts you need to know about the NotPetya virus
Securing your accounts with multi-factor authentication
8 tips you need to know to protect your digital self
Beware spear phishing! Top tips to avoid getting hooked
From the IT desk: A tale of two office moves
Don’t ‘WannaCry’ over ransomware? Discover the ultimate survival tool
How to define the ‘right’ client for your business
What’s the difference between managed services and projects?
MyITpros vendor spotlight: Storagecraft
How to find IT success with a technology road map
MyITpros infographic: Fast facts about cybersecurity in 2017
Why being one of the ‘little guys’ makes you a big target for ransomware
MyITpros service spotlight: Hosted cloud solutions
How do I hack thee? Let me count the ways
What is the most critical defense against ransomware?
Public, private, hybrid: 3 cloud types you should know about
Combat conflict with crucial conversations
IT downtime: Just how much can your business afford?
4 ways to keep your technology in tip-top shape
5 managed services items to consider before you sign on the dotted line
What does proactive IT support really mean?
7 years of patient information compromised! Takeaways from the Denton Health Group data breach
Endpoint encryption: It’s no longer undecipherable
Learn the key ingredients for a perfect one-on-one meeting
Don’t fall prey to these 3 encryption myths
Discover managed services providers in Austin, TX
Infographic: Fast facts about data encryption
Get your technology fill at SXSW Interactive 2017 in Austin, TX
The best time to hire an MSP? When you think you don't need one!
Defining the 'disaster' in disaster recovery
The pros and cons of in-house IT support
3 reasons why we avoid long-term contracts
How to help your IT support help you
3 reasons to protect your business against insider attacks
3 types of MSP relationships you need to break up with
Why you should treat your passwords the same way you treat cash
Hybrid IT: Can internal and external resources work together?
10 technology facts you probably don't know (but they're pretty cool)!
How to stop making business decisions out of fear
Network attached storage: an IT secret you need to know about
Inside MyITpros’ new hire process
3 places where encryption is essential in your business
Meet MyITpros: By the numbers
Trust: The REAL currency of business
When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we mean business!
3 Reasons every small business needs encryption
Nvidia Shield: The all-in-one entertainment solution you’ve never heard of
MyITpros 12 days of technology: The complete review
12 days of technology, Day 12: Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
12 days of technology, Day 11: Echo Dot 2nd Generation
12 days of technology, Day 10: Anker PowerPort Solar Lite
12 days of technology, Day 9: PhoneSoap 2.0
12 days of technology, Day 8: Griffin iTrip Clip
12 days of technology, Day 7: Click N' Dig Item Finder
12 days of technology, Day 6: Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Kit Gen 3
12 days of technology, Day 5: HP Sprocket Photo Printer
12 days of technology, Day 4: The Spivo Stick
12 days of technology, Day 3: Wacom Bamboo Spark
12 days of technology, Day 2: Apple Watch Series 2
12 days of technology, Day 1: Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa voice remote
Technology Review: MacOS Sierra and the Macbook Pro
What is MyITpros most thankful for in 2016?
Why pay for employee training beyond the job?
MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet Dave Linn!
Why real estate businesses are moving to the cloud
How cyber-security savvy are you? Take our quiz and find out!
Microcomputers: Small size, big impact on businesses
5 IT horror stories that will haunt you (and how to avoid them)!
Why thinking the customer is always right is wrong for your business
5 Essential steps for setting your IT budget: 2017 edition
Managing a service team: My holistic approach to growth
CPAs in the cloud: Better operations, happier clients
MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet Jessica Vertti
7 tweets about technology that are totally relatable (and funny!)
3 reasons why your company needs core values
Purchasing used hardware? Buyers beware!
3 major pitfalls of open source you should think about
4 common myths about managed services providers DEBUNKED!
Don't risk it, encrypt it! 3 go-to email encryption services for your business
Insider scoop: What it's REALLY like to work on the MyITpros service team
The top 2 cloud decisions for healthcare providers
MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet Nico Trujillo
The real secret to making good employees better
The 2016 Inc. 5000 list is revealed, and MyITpros is on it!
Selecting your server: A guide to the most critical components
Cloud security: Does the risk outweigh the rewards?
4 keys to locking down financial data (Clone)
How to recognize your employees without breaking the bank
Everything (we think) we know about the new iPhone 7
4 keys to locking down financial data
MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet Josh Alvarez!
Think smart! The beginner's guide to smart home automation
Why we encourage – yes, encourage – more drama at work
Nanotechnology: A "small" science with a big impact on your life
Why you need to know what a data retention policy is (and what might happen if you don't)
How much is good data backup worth? ...It's complicated
What's the key difference between cloud and managed services providers?
The 3 most important factors when purchasing computer hardware and software
MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet Megan Perry!
Getting your Starbucks fix with Outlook (plus 4 other cool apps)
Why MyITpros always follows the law (of delivering value)
How much are managed IT services in Austin, Texas
Do you know the basics of backing up your business?
Hail no: Austin’s ride-hailing conundrum
How to securely off-board an employee in 4 simple steps
MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet Cory Brown!
2 free tools every business needs for disaster preparedness
Show them the money: How opening the books to employees can improve your business
Smartwatches and mobile device etiquette: A love story
Employees: The surprising threat to your business security
The "new" threat of old scareware
IT by the numbers: You hired an MSP… but what are you paying for?
Tech advice everyone should know! Love, MyITpros
MyITPros Employee Spotlight: Meet Meredith Thomas!
3 cloud computing myths, debunked!
IT by the numbers: In-house versus managed services costs
The three little words every employee needs to hear
IT by the numbers: How to plan the best budget for your business
Virtual reality in the real world
Shining light on how shadow IT can harm your business
The truth about email phishing (and how to avoid falling victim!)
Business continuity vs disaster recovery: What you need to know
MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet Service Manager Matt Newman!
Any company can be a service company (and why every company should be)
How downtime may cost your small business big dollars
Top IT questions you need to ask when scaling your business
4 reasons your disaster recovery plan may be an actual disaster
App your way to an organized life: 3 must-have downloads
MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet the new orange service team!
How to avoid becoming a business hostage to ransomware
Farewell letter from former CEO, Chris Boyle
Why your boss doesn't know you need managed services (and what to do about it!)
3 reasons every company needs a one-page business plan
Two easy solutions to beat a business outage
You need to call your managed services provider when....
How to know when you're too big for your IT provider
OpenDNS: The security solution you need to know about
MyITPros employee spotlight: Meet Jeff Shaffer!
Ransomware: One of 2016's biggest business security threats
The complete guide to your IT provider options
Email Solutions for Your Business Made Easy
The ULTIMATE Question to Ask Your IT Service Candidates
Putting Big Data to Work for Small Businesses
9 Online Safety Tips Every Holiday Shopper Should Know
4 Ways to Nurture Leadership in Your Organization
5 Steps to Setting Your IT Budget
How Succession Planning is Essential to Success for a Growth Company
Is Authenticity and Transparency in Your Managed Service Provider Important?
Section 179 Tax Deduction Considerations in 2015: What Business Owners Should Know
Are My Managed Service Provider Recommendations the Best for my Business, and Wallet?
6 Ways Managed Services Boosts IT – Austin Edition
How to Configure Office 365 Accounts in Exchange using Outlook 2010 or 2013
Introduction to Cables: Understanding the Connection
Becoming a Road Warrior: How to Setup Email on your Phone
How Cloud Solutions Help Austin Businesses During ACL
The New High-Tech Low-Tech Small Business
What’s the Most Important Thing to Consider When Purchasing Hardware and Software?
Why Feedback is Important to MyITpros
How Does an Onboarding Project Make or Break a Managed Service Relationship?
6 Tips to Ensure You Have the Best IT Support Call
Why You Need to Back up Your Local Data to the Cloud – and Vice-Versa
My Trouble-Shooting Childhood: A Love/Hate Story
Austin Office Move: Don’t Go at IT Alone
Why Does MyITpros Have Service Teams?
Austin Office Move: The Buildout Drilldown
Backups: Which Type Should You Have And Where Should You Store Them?
Austin Office Move: First Things First - Initial Planning and Actions
Tablet vs. Laptop: Which Is Best for Remote Work?
Concerned About How Much You Spend on IT?
Business Continuity Essentials for Any New Business
Microsoft Experiences Office 365 Email Outage: What Does it Mean for Small Business in the Cloud?
Need Internet in a Remote Building but Wiring Is Not an Option?
Top 3 Value-Adds with Managed Services
Business Move In Austin: Shout Out To Our Moving Heroes
Business Move In Austin: Moving Day!
Business Move in Austin: Marketing Tasks
Business Move In Austin: IT Infrastructure
How Cloud Computing Helps Balance Work And Family This Fourth of July Weekend
Business Move in Austin: Network Tasks
Business Move In Austin: Carpet and Furniture
Business Move In Austin: Critical Tasks After You Have Found The Office
Business Move in Austin, Texas: How to Find an Office
The X Games And ROT Rally: Two Reasons Austin Businesses Should Consider Cloud Computing
Austin Businesses In The Cloud And Intentionally Not In The Cloud
So You Still Haven't Started Looking Into Replacing Your 2003 Server?
Consequences of Not Moving to the Cloud
Cloud-Based Solutions For Small to Midsized Businesses
Flood Relief! How the Cloud Can Protect Your Business From Natural Disasters
What Kind of Business Won’t Benefit From Comprehensive Cloud Solutions?
What Kind of Business Will Benefit From the Cloud?
Keep IT Simple: Cloud Computing 101
Cloud Computing: What’s Stopping You?
Backup Basics for Businesses
The Best Voice Option for Business
The Best Managed Services Providers in Austin, Texas
Ransomware Prevention
IT for Startups: What Desktop and Line of Business Applications Do You Need?
Guarding Against Security Threats, Layer by Layer
Replacing Your 2003 Server? Find a Managed Services Provider
The Cloud: Not Just for Enterprise-Size Companies
Top 3 Questions to Help Businesses Determine If a Server Is Necessary
6 Things You Need To Know About Windows Server 2003 End of Life
Looking Ahead: Business Growth and IT Growing Pains
Essential Security for Small to Midsized Businesses
Which IT Best Practices Do Managed Service Providers Recommend?
A Succession Story: From Systems Engineer to President in 10 Years
Prescription For Fast, Reliable, Affordable Business Connectivity: More Fiber Optics
How to Choose the Perfect Laptop for You
How Much Are Managed IT Services In Austin, Texas?
So Your Boss Asked You to Find an IT Service Provider
5 Reasons Campaign Consultants Should Consider Cloud Solutions
5 Steps to Setting Your IT Budget for 2015
An IT Horror Story: A CPA Server Crashes Days Before a Deadline
Ask Your IT Provider Candidates The Right Questions
The Cost of Managed Services In Austin Texas
Is An Hourly, Project Provider or MSP Best For Your Business?
5 Signs It’s Time to Start a Searching For Outsourced IT Providers
IT Support Choices for Businesses: Hourly Providers, IT Project Providers and Managed Services Providers
Why Do IT Service Providers Take So Long to Respond to Calls for Help?
How To Determine The Best Email Solution For Your Business
How Your Employees Bleed Cash From Your Company by Trying to Save Money
Managed Services: Discovering The Strategic Advantage For Your Organization
The Impact of the Cloud: What Does it Mean for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning?
4 Myths About Choosing a Managed Services Provider
Hunting for an IT Project Candidate, Look for an Ongoing IT Service Provider First
Which File Sync And Share Should Small Businesses Use?
How the Internet Explorer Bug Affects Your Business
Office 365: What you don’t know can help you
Questions Small Business Owners Have About Heartbleed
You Missed the Deadline for XP End of Life. Now What?
Top Questions About Managed Services
Telephony in the Cloud: Is Hosted VoIP Right for You?
What Is The Cost Of Not Having Managed Services?
Seriously, Folks – It’s Time to Replace Windows XP Machines NOW!
Learning from the History of Managed Services
Top Mistakes IT Service Providers (Even Us) Make
Austin Weather and Traffic: How Cloud Hosted Servers Could Prevent Commute Disruptions
How To Protect Your Website And Personal Info From Hackers
Windows XP End-of-Life: What Computer Should I Buy?
How Windows XP End of Life Will Affect You: Your Top 6 Questions
The Best IT Service Providers In Austin, Texas
MyITpros Celebrates 20 Years in Business
Why Some IT Providers Choose Not Have Sales People
Great Question To Ask Your IT Service Candidates
Are We The Best IT Services Provider For Your Austin Business?
Why Define Recovery Objectives?
Six Critical Components of a Business Resumption Plan
Five Essential Steps to Disaster Recovery Planning
Business Continuity Vs Disaster Recovery
Most Common Business Disruption Examples
10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Are Moving Their Servers To The Cloud - Part 2
10 Reasons Why Small Businesses are Moving Their Servers to the Cloud - Part 1
5 Reasons Why Cloud Servers May Not Be Right For Your Business
When To Think About Cloud Computing For Your Business
What is Open-Book Management?
Austin Business Owner Learns How To Take Open-Book Management to the Next Level at The SRC Experience
Outsourced IT Services: Best For Small Businesses in Austin, Texas
Cloud Computing 101 Video for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
Best Interview Questions To Ask Your Outsourced IT Services Candidates - Part Two
Best Interview Questions To Ask Your Outsourced IT Services Candidates - Part One
Cloud Computing Questions Asked By Austin Business Owners - Part 2
Cloud Computing Questions Asked By Austin Business Owners - Part 1
Austin Managed Services Provider Strengthens its Management Team to Support Rapid Growth
Hourly or Managed: What Type of IT Services Are Best for Your Business?
Why Are Managed IT Service Providers Eliminating Lower Cost Agreements?
How Do You Budget for IT Support Costs in Austin, Texas?
Telecommuting: Is it Convenient for the Occasional Remote User?
GoDaddy Outage: How Does this Affect Cloud Computing?
Duplicate Documents Cost Austin Businesses Data and Dollars
Evolve to the Cloud, the Next Step in Consumer Innovation

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