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12 days of technology, Day 11: Echo Dot 2nd Generation

Day 11 Amazon Dot.png

This holiday season, MyITpros is doing all the shopping for you! Whether you’re technically savvy or not, we’ve got 12 awesome gadgets picked out that are sure to make you the gift-giving hit of the season!

What it is: Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation

Your life may feel unbalanced from time to time, but you’ll never feel out of control at home with the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation. Why? Because this hands-free, voice-controlled device does anything you need with a simple command. You can play music, request an Uber ride, order takeout – whatever you want! The Echo Dot can connect to speakers or headphones over Bluetooth or an audio cable, and syncs to the Alexa voice service as well. The Dot can hear you from across the room even with music playing, and if you have more than one Dot, Alexa will respond from the device closest to you.

The Dot has a built-in speaker, meaning it can serve as a smart alarm clock that can also turn off your lights or set timers. You can even shop via Amazon while lying in bed! Some of the coolest functions of the Dot are related to smart home control: You can switch lights on and off, change the thermostat and turn on the coffee machine without even raising you voice! The Dot works with lights, fans, thermostats and switches from all major brands, including WeMo, Honeywell, Philips Hue and Nest.

What’s more, you can continue to add skills to your Dot through the Alexa App, such as ordering pizza, sending flowers or giving reports from your Fitbit. The more you use your Dot, the smarter it becomes as it adapts to your vocabulary, speech and preferences.

How much it costs: $39.99

The Echo Dot is available at an affordable price point of $39.99 and can be ordered from Amazon. It is also a Prime-eligible item for anyone who needs a fast turnaround. You can choose from either a white or black color palette, and there is a range of Echo Dot cases available in additional colors and fabrics.

Who to buy it for: Anyone that you love in your life

Much like our Day 1 Fire TV stick, the Echo Dot is universal. Anyone from a 22-year-old in their first apartment to your elderly grandparents will find this device makes life faster, smarter and easier by allowing you to perform a range of daily actions with just your voice!

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