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12 days of technology, Day 11: Petnet Smartfeeder

day 11

The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about finding the perfect gift for the ones you love. That’s why this holiday season, MyITpros is stepping in and doing all the shopping for you! Whether you’re technically savvy or not, we’ve picked out 12 awesome gadgets that are sure to make you the gift-giving hit of the season.

Check back each day to discover the next perfect present during our 12 days of technology!

What it is: Petnet SmartFeeder

In an ideal world, we’d get to spend every waking moment curled up with our pets. But with today’s hectic schedules, that’s just not possible. In fact, sometimes it’s hard just to make it home by Fido’s dinner time!

The Petnet SmartFeeder is for animal lovers who can’t always be home to dole out the kibble. Using the SmartFeeder’s mobile app, you can schedule meals to dispense at just the right time. The SmartFeeder recommends healthy portions based on your pet’s age, weight and activity, and notifies you when your pet has been fed. The feeder will even alert you when it’s running low and can send you an automatic shipment of breed-specific food matched to your pet’s type, age and activity level. The device is easy to clean and has a pet-proof self-locking lid, so you’ll never feel guilty about staying out for an extra hour!


How much it costs: $179

The SmartFeeder is currently $179 on Amazon and on Petnet’s website. Petnet also offers an installment plan of $44.75 per month through Afterpay.

Who to buy it for: The busy pet-owner in your life

Overloaded pet lovers will love the convenience and peace of mind offered by the SmartFeeder. No more feeding times, no more measuring food and no more rushing to the store when you realize you’ve run out! And pets everywhere will love chowing down on their favorite food (as usual)!

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