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12 days of technology, Day 6: Spectacles – Sunglasses for Snapchat!

12 Days of Technology Day 6.png

The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about finding the perfect gift for the ones you love. That’s why this holiday season, MyITpros is stepping in and doing all the shopping for you! Whether you’re technically savvy or not, we’ve picked out 12 awesome gadgets that are sure to make you the gift-giving hit of the season. 

Check back each day to discover the next perfect present during our 12 days of technology!

What it is: Spectacles

Have you ever seen something beautiful, hilarious or otherwise perfect for videoing, only for it to pass before you could manage to catch it on your smartphone? The days of having to quickly whip out your phone are long gone with the Spectacles. These sunglasses are your hands-free answer to using Snapchat on the go!

With the press of a button, you can take a 10-second video from your perspective, then extend that to a 20- or 30-second video with an additional touch. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to hide the fact you’re capturing footage, as the glasses light up to let your subjects know they’re being recorded. Be sure to switch on your Bluetooth post-filming or make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi so you can back up your video, save it to your Snapchat Memories (and add filters, stickers, etc.) and download it to your camera roll!

Arguably the coolest feature of the Spectacles is the full-circle perspective. By rotating your phone or zooming in and out on the screen, you can catch every detail of what was going on around you while filming—including what was in your peripheral vision.

snap specs.png

How much it costs: $129.99

Spectacles retail at $129.99 on the Spectacles website, which offers free shipping, a 30-day return policy and a two-year limited warranty. That cost includes the glasses, a charging case, a charging cable and a cleaning cloth, and you can choose from three colors: black, teal or coral. Spectacles are also available through Amazon with the same offerings plus free two-day shipping for Prime members, while Californians can head to Snap Inc.’s brick-and-mortar pop-up store in Venice!

Who to buy it for: The snapchatting millennial in your life

Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help the ones you love reduce the amount of time they spend hiding behind their phones using Snapchat! The glasses both look cool and keep people tuned in to one of the most popular social apps of the year—two of the most important gift requirements for the millennials you know!

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