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12 days of technology, Day 8: Griffin iTrip Clip

Day 8- Griffin iTrip clip.png

This holiday season, MyITpros is doing all the shopping for you! Whether you’re technically savvy or not, we’ve got 12 awesome gadgets picked out that are sure to make you the gift-giving hit of the season! 

What it is: Griffin iTrip Clip

By now, we’ve all heard that there is no audio jack on the Apple iPhone 7. If you’ve been accumulating wired headphones for years, some of them quite pricey and of a high quality, you may be wondering what you can do with them now.

Don’t worry – the answer is not to throw them out. Instead, get the Griffin iTrip Clip. Simply plug your wired headphones into the jack on the iTrip Clip, then use Bluetooth technology to connect the iTrip Clip to a smartphone or tablet within a wireless range of approximately 30 feet. The device has controls that let you pause and restart songs, activate Siri (and other voice recognition apps) and control volume. Its clip feature allows you to easily attach it to a backpack, a shirt collar or wherever is convenient. Another cool feature of the iTrip Clip is that when you receive a call, the device will announce “Incoming call” and recite the number. You can easily answer the call and talk through the iTrip Clip thanks to its built-in microphone. What’s more, the battery in the iTrip Clip works for up to six hours of play/talk time and is rechargeable.

How much it costs: $19.99

You can order the Griffin iTrip Clip, which comes with a micro-USB recharging cable, through the Griffin Technology website. You can also find the device for sale through Amazon.

Who to buy it for: The iPhone 7 user in your life

As more Android smartphones are released without an audio jack, the Griffin iTrip Clip’s appeal will widen, but for now, it’s the perfect gift for that person in your life who always has the latest and greatest iPhone. They’ll be so happy to start using those wired Beats by Dre headphones again!

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