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2 reasons to fire your managed services provider

6-19-18 blog ad

When you enter any type of relationship, whether personal or professional, it’s impossible to know whether that partnership will work out. The more time and effort you invest, the harder it is to walk away when things aren’t going the way you’d hoped—and your relationship with your managed services provider is no different. Here are two signs you should really cut the cord sooner rather than later:  

Slow response time

Before a service provider and a client sign on the dotted line, they must first agree on the metrics by which service will be measured, as well as the ramifications if the expected level of performance is not met. This commitment, which is formally referred to as a Service Level Agreement (SLA), has the potential to make or break a professional relationship.

After all, when your MSP doesn’t adhere to the SLA, you’re left completely in the dark about when you can expect issues to be fixed, which not only affects the efficiency of your day-to-day operations but can also impact your bottom line. Simply put, an MSP’s failure to uphold the SLA demonstrates a lack of accountability—not to mention a lack of concern about accountability, which is arguably just as bad. In our eyes, breaking the SLA is a fireable offense, especially given the fact that there are plenty of MSPs out there who take service seriously and strive to deliver the fastest possible responses with the goal of keeping you at maximum uptime.

With this in mind, MyITpros’ service proposals include a clearly stated SLA. We quote a specific response time during business hours, define that time period (ticket creation to work beginning) and set a goal for compliance.


Lack of communication

Should you be talking to your IT company only when you have an issue? The answer is a resounding no. Communication is a vital part of a good relationship, so your MSP should offer feedback, progress reports and check-ins on a regular basis. Keep in mind that because managed services include far more than just user support, your MSP should be prepared to detail the ins and outs of your tech setup at any time, which includes answering the following questions: Is your network healthy? Do you need to replace or upgrade any hardware or software? When was the last time you conducted routine maintenance?

At MyITpros, we aim for monthly communication with every client. This takes the form of an account review during which we give your company a health check. Another of our goals is to hold an onsite managed business review at each client’s office, as this enables us to sit down face to face and discuss not just the health of your technology, but your longer-term IT strategy as well. Your IT support and IT plans should always be aligned with your business goals, and an MSP that does not maintain a dialogue can easily become out of sync. Ultimately, it’s not your job to chase down your MSP, and the burden isn’t on you to ensure your provider remains fully available and communicative throughout the relationship. If your MSP isn’t holding up that end of the bargain, it’s safe to say you and your business aren’t being appropriately valued and it’s time to move on.

Finding the right MSP can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. If you currently have an MSP, ask yourself if your provider is respecting your SLA and being adequately communicative. If not, it might be time to consider ending the relationship and finding the right type of IT provider. If you’re operating without defined, adhered-to response times and a proactive, engaged dialogue, you’re not only wasting precious money but also putting your users and IT environment at risk!

MyITpros is committed to helping SMBs find the right IT support- whether that's managed services or otherwise! Contact us today for your free consultation or security assessment!

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