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MyITpros spotlight: The 2018 Girls in STEM conference 

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Sadly, a large gender imbalance still exists in the STEM fields today. In fact, only about 35% of STEM positions are held by women- and this is attributed to the fact that more girls report being swayed from pursuing their interest in STEM during grades K-12. Girlstart wants to change that. Girlstart is an Austin non-profit that's been serving the community for 20 years! MyITpros is proud to officially partner with this amazing organization for our 25th anniversary fundraiser. 

About Girlstart 

Girlstart's mission is to increase interest and engagement in STEM through innovative, nationally-recognized informal STEM education programs. Founded in 1997, Girlstart boasts the nation's most robust year-round STEM programming specifically geared toward girls. 

Girlstart's programming serves the Austin, Houston and central Texas communities. They offer a range of actitivities including after-school programs, community STEM activities, summer camps and conferences. The programming offered is built upon four core elements:

  • 'For every girl'
  • Research and standards-based informal STEM education
  • Creative, resourceful and empowered women
  • Connection to STEM careers

Check out some of these stats from 2016 alone!


The 2018 Girls in Stem conference

 On March 24th, Girlstart is holding its annual Girls in Stem conference for girls in grades 4-8 at Travis High School in Austin, TX. The day is packed with three hands-on workshops led by women in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. Separate workshops are provided by grade level (4th-5th and 6th-8th).

 Last year, the conference boasted over 40 workshops with 160 presenters. Most importantly, 527 girls attended! Check out highlights from the 2017 conference.

Support Girlstart and donate today

 In honor of our 25th year in business, MyITpros has pledged to raise $12,500 for Girlstart. That's enough to sponsor 25 community STEM events in our community! Learn more about our mission below, and donate today- just $35 is enough to send one lucky girl to the 2018 Girls in Stem conference!

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