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Posted by Stefanie | July 26, 2016

Why we encourage – yes, encourage – more drama at work

If you want to avoid drama at work, a quick Google search will turn up dozens of tips.

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Posted by Stefanie | July 21, 2016

Nanotechnology: A "small" science with a big impact on your life

They say good things come in small packages, and in the nanotechnology field, this holds especially true. I find it...

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Posted by Stefanie | July 19, 2016

Why you need to know what a data retention policy is (and what might happen if you don't)

For most business owners today, it’s common knowledge that critical business data needs to be backed up – not just...

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Posted by Stefanie | July 14, 2016

How much is good data backup worth? ...It's complicated

A lot of people contact MyITpros asking about the best backup solution to protect their business data. What they...

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Posted by Stefanie | July 12, 2016

What's the key difference between cloud and managed services providers?

Use of cloud-based IT resources has been rapidly growing as businesses realize the importance of backing up their...

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Posted by Stefanie | July 8, 2016

The 3 most important factors when purchasing computer hardware and software

Every business needs to routinely purchase computer hardware and software, from the smallest startup to the largest...

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Posted by Stefanie | July 5, 2016

MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet Megan Perry!

One of the things MyITpros prides itself on is having a strong culture of teamwork- and that is made possible by...

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Posted by Stefanie | July 1, 2016

Getting your Starbucks fix with Outlook (plus 4 other cool apps)

The Microsoft Outlook free email is one of the most widely used tools in businesses across the world. Whether used...

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