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Austin Office Move: The Buildout Drilldown

Now that you’ve let everyone know about your impending move, make sure you have a great place to land. Plan for all these steps to get your new space ready.

Finalize the Floor Plan

Obtain a CAD floor plan of the new space from your broker or the building’s owners if possible, and confirm the measurements in person on site. Next, brainstorm and gather input from employees about any layout changes that may be needed. Consult with IT about power and cooling needs as well as the availability and arrangement of voice and data network jacks and electrical outlets in walls and in furniture. They will almost certainly recommend changes and additions, and these will likely require you to hire a cabling contractor and an electrician. Be sure to think through how
your company may grow into the new space over time. Don’t assume that areas that currently do not have outlets or cabling will never need them, and make any recommended changes while the space is empty, when it’s less expensive to do so.

Schedule Buildout Tasks

Once you have an updated floor plan, schedule any needed carpentry, electrical work and painting. Meet with your cabling contractor and your IT experts at the new location to go over the layout and confirm details.

Roll out the Right Carpet

Carpet installation is notorious for delaying moving plans, so it’s important to square away this detail as early as possible. Beyond selecting color and texture, be sure to verify the exact delivery date, even if the carpet you selected has a “fast ship” option.

Find the Right Furniture

If you’re planning on getting new furniture, remember that “no desk is an island.” Everyone in your office will be affected by the furniture you choose, and employees will definitely have suggestions ranging from style to ergonomics and functionality.
If possible, schedule a time to go over the floor plan in the new space with your furniture contractor, and personally test out new furniture in the store – especially desk chairs – to make sure it’s all comfortable and adjustable.
Once these details are squared away, schedule furniture delivery and installation. Finally, make sure all of your contractors have one another’s contact information so they can coordinate with you and each other as the buildout progresses.

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Bill McCharen, COO

Our goal for this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about moving in Austin or any other topic please email me at bill@myitpros.com. To learn more about IT subscribe to our blog.



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