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Austin Weather and Traffic: How Cloud Hosted Servers Could Prevent Commute Disruptions

Cars_parked_on_MopacHopefully you received word to stay off the roads this morning. Unfortunately, if you did not hear in time, you may have spent more than three hours getting to work like Leo, one of our systems engineers.

Most Austin schools did not notify students of delays until drivers were en-route. There were more than 300 car accidents in Central Texas. Despite all the jokes about how a little ice turns Austin upside-down, this weather has proved to be very disruptive.

Obviously, there are some professions where employees absolutely must show up. But there are a number of businesses that employees could just as easily work from home...if they could access all their files and software they have on their work computer.

If your business moves your server to the cloud, you can access all your files and use your software from any device connected to the Internet.

Clearly, being able to work from home during the rare sleet storm isn't reason enough to consider moving your server to the cloud. However, it would be an added bonus.  Here are a few more likely reasons business owners consider moving to the cloud:

It's Time For A Server Upgrade

Before taking on the time and hardware cost to replace a server, business owners should research cloud solutions.

Seasonal Workers Or Employee Fluctuation

If your server is hosted, users are very easy and cost effective to add and remove, which works particularly well for businesses with seasonal workers, start-ups or any other kind of fluctuation.

Remote Employees or Multiple Offices

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And as I mentioned earlier, it comes in handy on days where it isn't clear whether or not commuting is safe. Hope you are safe and having a better work day.

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