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Bill McCharen

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Posted by Bill McCharen | September 27, 2018

How to manage cybersecurity risk for your small business

It feels as if not a day goes by without cybersecurity making headlines on the national news. Not only does the...

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Posted by Bill McCharen | March 23, 2017

Learn the key ingredients for a perfect one-on-one meeting

Open communication is crucial to increase productivity and employee satisfaction in the workplace, and at the heart...

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Posted by Bill McCharen | February 23, 2017

3 reasons why we avoid long-term contracts

Have you ever been stuck in a long-term contract you’d do just about anything to get out of? A years-long office...

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Posted by Bill McCharen | January 26, 2017

How to stop making business decisions out of fear

“You’ll never know how far you can go unless you’re willing to go too far.”

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Posted by Bill McCharen | October 25, 2016

Why thinking the customer is always right is wrong for your business

One of the first business mottos most of us learn is “The customer is always right,” but over the years, I’ve...

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