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Posted by Marketing | September 28, 2012

How Do You Budget for IT Support Costs in Austin, Texas?

We often advise Austin business start-ups and enjoy helping entrepreneurs manage and grow their businesses. When you have no history of spending, how do you budget for IT support?

Most businesses with less than 100 employees have no IT department, nor even one employee dedicated to IT work. It almost never makes sense financially, unless a business is very complex and sophisticated in its use of technology.

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Here’s a simple formula for budgeting IT support costs in an organization with 10 to 100 users: count the number of people that use computers in their work and have at least one device with which they work (e.g. desktop, laptop, or tablet) and multiply that number by 100 to 125 dollars per month. Here are some examples:

15 x $125 = $1,875 per month
30 x $115 = $3,450 per month
50 x $100 = $5,000 per month

Notice that the cost per user goes down as the number of users goes up. This is generally true as there are usually economies of scale at play.
These are ballpark numbers that may be influenced by a variety of factors, but this formula is a reliable and helpful way to budget for IT support.

Our goal with this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about IT budgets, monthly billing plans or any topic please leave a comment below or email me at chris@myitpros.com.


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