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Business Move In Austin: IT Infrastructure

Contact your IT services provider to give them your estimated move date and ask them to evaluate your needs. All IT equipment needs to be properly shut down and prepared for the moving company prior to the move, as well as set up to function properly in your new office.

Often a business uses the move as an opportunity to purchase new IT assets, such as servers, networking equipment or PCs. The move is also a good time to evaluate your Internet data performance for upgraded service.  Your IT services provider can help you evaluate and plan for all of these items.

Once the floor plan is done, begin consulting with a cabling contractor.  Provide a copy of the floor plan and schedule an onsite visit at the new space with both the cable and IT services representatives. They will work together to make sure there are plenty of data ports available wherever needed. They will need access to the space to begin the project prior to and on the day of the furniture installation.

When modular furniture is part of your purchase, electric whips are used to directly connect electricity from the building to the furniture panel. This way each workstation can plug in computers, monitors, etc. in the outlets on the furniture panel.  Generally, furniture installers do not assist with this task, which requires hiring an electrician.  The electrician needs to be there when the furniture is installed.

Most importantly, the furniture, IT services, cabling and electrical representatives will all need to be coordinating with each other as they plan for their respective parts of the project and on the date of installation.  Make sure all have each other’s contact information, including mobile phone numbers. If needed, schedule a face-to-face introduction meeting at the new space with everyone.

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Sheridan-SteedSheridan Steed, Controller

Our goal for this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about moving in Austin or any other topic please email me at blogs@myitpros.com. To learn more about IT subscribe to our blog.



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