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Business Move In Austin: Moving Day!

Planning with the moving company is a critical component of ensuring your move day is smooth and efficient. Selecting a moving company that is highly rated and has experience working with commercial moves helps make sure that all aspects are thoroughly planned (even the ones you haven’t already anticipated).

The moving company will deliver crates and boxes approximately a week prior to the move date so packing can commence. Utilize your furniture floor plan to label each person’s workstation with an identifying desk and/or floor number. Have one person create everyone’s labels to prevent anyone from getting confused and mislabeling a box. The movers will provide guidelines which usually involve how specific items and equipment should be packaged and labeled. Pass out the labels to each person before the move with a handout of instructions. Schedule a staff meeting with all employees to make sure expectations are clearly defined and explained, and follow up in writing.

Planning the design and installation of the new space is so time-consuming that it is easy to underestimate the work required to move the existing infrastructure. Be sure to perform a walk-through and examine how many components need to be packed, recycled or discarded. Areas often underestimated usually appear in common areas such as in the office supply cabinet, kitchen or break room.  Purchase plenty of plastic bags in different sizes to help pack small items, such as office supplies.

You have a business to run, so the majority of the packing will need to take place 24-48 hours prior to the move date. To spread out the work, create teams of packers and assign a room, cabinet or area to each team. I recommend assigning fewer tasks among many people, rather than many tasks among fewer. Moving always takes longer than you estimate, and there are always more items to pack or assemble than you anticipate. There will almost always be an unexpected delay or surprise, and having additional resources with clearly defined roles and responsibilities will make the load lighter for all.

Assign one or two employees to be at the new space on the day of the move.  Coordinating the arrival of furniture, cabling, electric and IT services can be a big job and they will be needed to answer questions and help with contingencies.  Prepare a sign for each number that corresponds with the floor plan used to create your labels.  Affix the signs at each cube, desk or room that corresponds with the labels, so the movers can quickly deliver incoming boxes and furniture.

Work with your management team to determine the best way to facilitate unpacking.  MyITpros is a call center and our clients expect us to answer the phone during business hours.  We scheduled our move time late in the afternoon on a Friday, in order to give us the entire weekend to make sure not only our infrastructure, but our staff was set up and ready to take calls on Monday morning.  Depending on the circumstances of your business, you may want to plan something similar.

I hope these tips will help prepare your company for a smooth and efficient move day.

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Sheridan-SteedSheridan Steed, Controller

Our goal for this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about moving in Austin or any other topic please email me at blogs@myitpros.com. To learn more about IT subscribe to our blog.



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