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Farewell letter from former CEO, Chris Boyle

Dear MyITpros Clients:

We closed the book on my ownership of MyITpros Friday, February 12. What an emotional day it was, and what a good finish to the last 15 years of my life.

One of the emotions I was feeling all day was an almost overwhelming sense of gratitude to the many people who’ve been a part of the journey. I’ve met some great folks and made some good friends along the way, and it’s been a blessing to serve you. Thanks for your trust in us, and thank you so much for your business over the years.

You are in great hands with Bill and the team at MyITpros.

As for me, I am redirecting my passion for helping people to my new business, where I am working with entrepreneurial leadership teams of companies with 10-250 people who are growth-oriented, open-minded, and looking to get more of what they want from their business.

To that end I recently completed my training as a Professional EOS Implementer. I am one of only 129 in the world that has been given this unique opportunity.

EOS®   (The Entrepreneurial Operating System®) is a powerful system that takes a holistic, self-sustaining approach to building a great company. This real world proven system is also captured in the award winning book Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business. If you’d like a free copy of the book let me know – I’ll send one to you personally. It’s one of my top three business books ever, and I’ve read a few.

If you know of a business owner/entrepreneur that is frustrated and/or looking to get more out of their business, let them know you “know a guy” who can help. I’d love to help them, or connect them with someone who can if I’m not the best fit.

And if I can ever help you in any way, please contact me.

Best wishes,

Chris Boyle CEO

Chris Boyle

Professional EOS Implementer

Strategic Stage Consulting, LLC

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