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Posted by Marketing | October 18, 2012

Hourly or Managed: What Type of IT Services Are Best for Your Business?

The first step in finding an IT service provider is knowing what type of services your business requires. Hourly break/fix may be a better fit for your company than managed IT services.

Answer the following questions. Then read the corresponding results below to determine if managed IT services or hourly break/fix services are best for your business.

Pick For Me

1. At which level does your business use and rely on technology?
a. Intensively
b. Moderately
c. Minimally


2. For my business IT is ________?
a. A Strategic Asset
b. A Commodity
c. A Necessary Evil


3. How many users (employees who have computers) do you have?
a. 20 or more
b. 10 to 19
c. 9 or less


4. What is your server situation?
a. multiple servers
b. one server
c. no server


5. What best describes the relationship you want with your IT service provider?
a. Trusted Adviser
b. Occasional Solution Provider
c. Fire Department


6. Which best describes your feelings toward IT?
a. I value IT
b. I somewhat value IT
c. I do not value IT


Mostly A’s
Managed IT services is the best fit for your business.  A good managed service plan ensures predictable costs, unlimited help desk and faster response times. The best managed service providers take a proactive approach and establish long term relationships built on trust. Contact us to learn more.

Mostly B’s
Managed IT services is probably the best fit for your business. Organizations in your situation typically feel underserved with hourly break/fix services. Most managed service providers have different service level agreements. We recommend you try one that includes all remote tickets. That means the systems engineer can solve problems without going onsite. Contact us to learn more.

Mostly C’s
Hourly break/fix IT services are the best fit for your business right now. There are dozens of small IT service providers that still provide break/fix services. Look for a business that is similar to yours and ask the owner who they work with.

However, if  your competition has a robust IT set up, you are growing rapidly or you suspect you’ll need a provider who can evolve with your business you may benefit from managed services. Contact us to learn more.

Our goal with this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about hourly break/fix, managed services, which fits your business or any topic please leave a comment below or e-mail me at lori@myitpros.com.


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