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Posted by Marketing | May 7, 2015

Keep IT Simple: Cloud Computing 101


Here are some brief, simple answers to common cloud questions.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Moving some or all applications and data from physical on-site servers to an offsite datacenter.

Traditional vs. Cloud Computing: What’s the Difference?

Preferences for on-premise software vs. the cloud had flipped in the last six years, with 88 percent of buyers preferring on-premise in 2008 and 87 percent preferring cloud solutions in 2014.

1. Rather than buying and owning the software and hardware you use, you access them through a shared pool of computing resources in the cloud.

2. Unlike a traditional on-site environment where your data resides in applications that “live” on local servers and desktops, the data is in the

3. Cloud computing reduces your need for IT support, since you’ll no longer have onsite servers to maintain.

How Many Small to Midsized Businesses Are In The Cloud?

Sixty to seventy percent of businesses with less than 250 employees have already adopted the cloud, and up to another 7 percent plan to do so.


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Bill McCharen, COO

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