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How Much Are Managed IT Services In Austin, Texas?


The purpose of Managed IT Services is to actively manage desktops/laptops, servers, networking devices and other equipment to create a stable IT environment with fewer problems and faster resolutions when things do go wrong.

Austin business owners typically prefer this service method because the costs are more predictable as opposed to reactive or break/fix services. Over time, IT support costs are much lower when IT systems are proactively managed by competent professionals using the latest tools and best practices.

Depending on the Managed Services Provider (MSP), additions such as projects, vendor management or onsite support can be included in these monthly fees.

How Do You Determine the Cost of Managed IT Services?

The cost of Managed Services in Austin can depend on the number of computers, servers, users and the way the company uses technology to drive its business. It also depends on the type of services provided such as remote or onsite.

In Austin the MSPs typically offer two types of service plans. Generally, one is focused toward remote services and the other includes onsite services.

Assuming a business works with a quality MSP, system engineers can fix most problems remotely.

Some IT issues require an onsite visit, and depending on the circumstances of your network the frequency may be pretty regular.

How to Estimate the Cost of IT Services for Your Business

As I explained there a number of things that contribute to Managed IT Services pricing.  To help clarify pricing, we created a range based on user cost averages that will help you get an idea of what you can expect.

Remote Only Plan Pricing

The cost of a remote exclusive plan ranges from $50-80 per user (or any employee with a computer). Which means if you’re a business with 25 users your monthly invoice could be anywhere from $1500-2000, not including hourly charges for onsite work.

Onsite Included Plan Pricing

The cost of a plan that includes onsite visits ranges from $100-125 per user.  For a 25 user business you could expect a monthly invoice between $2500-3125.

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