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MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet the new orange service team!


When you work at a company with as many all-stars as MyITpros has, sometimes there is no one employee to spotlight- and you have to highlight a whole team! This month, we’re introducing our newest service team, the orange team!

What is a service team?

At MyITpros, our team structure is extremely important to us. Within our service department, we have the staff divided into four teams. Each service team is comprised of at least four and no more than six people. We balance experience and expertise on each team with a mix of helpdesk, system administrators and system engineers. Each client is assigned a team when they onboard with MyITpros, with each team having a max number of clients to support. The reason? We always want to maintain an intimate relationship with our clients and ensure personal and quick response. Our client roster may grow, but by simply increasing the number of small service teams, our clients never feel any growing pains.

Josh Alvarez

“We don’t want our customers feeling like they are just another name, getting lost in the mix of an ever growing and changing Austin. We maintain small, tight knit teams to ensure a personal touch on a daily basis with all of our clients.” - Matt Rohler, Director of Operations

Why do we have service teams?

To put it simply, the way we structure our teams results in a higher level of service to our clients in the following areas:

Robert Smedley

  • Response Time- When a client calls in to our support line, they will always speak with a human being. We don't do dispatchers or voicemail systems, it will usually be a member of your service team with technical skill who will be able to enter in a ticket and get your issue prioritized appropriately.
  • Resolution- When four to six people are familiar with your business, work and collaborate closely on your account day to day, know each other very well and have clear paths for escalating support to one another, your service requests are started andfinished faster.
  • Continuity- When you call us for help, your Account Manager may be out, but someone from your service team will always be there.
  • Expertise- By staffing each team with a mix of skill levels, we are confident that someone will always be able to competently handle almost every client issue.

We feel confident that our teams excel in all of the above areas and deliver a unique and fulfilling experience to each one of our clients. We are beyond happy to have our Orange team up and running! Let's take a closer look at our latest group of service super heroes.Tom Rovello

Our orange team, by numberssdfdf

The orange team may be new, but they're already turning out some awesome numbers! Check out some of these interesting stats:

5: staff members

7: total dogs owned by the orange team

17: average tenure, in months, of an orange team member at MyITpros

32: clients supported by the orange team

55: office locations supported by the orange team

490: tickets handled by the orange team in February

860: inbound calls handled by the orange team in Februaryasfasds

For more information on the members of the orange team, visit our team page for individual bios! And to the members of our newest team, keep up the awesome work everyone. We feel very lucky to have you!

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