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My Trouble-Shooting Childhood: A Love/Hate Story


The 90s had just begun and spring had barely just sprung, when my parents were granted me as their first child. I like to believe that they both lovingly looked in each other’s' eyes and realized what a precious gift they had: a decent dishwasher, cheap child care and above all, a tiny bundle of tech support for years to come.

After years of fiddling, I firmly believed I could fix their issues. My vast experience with household appliances apparently doesn’t qualify one to be a systems engineer here at MyITpros, however, I have never seen a VCR I couldn’t set to the correct time of day.

To be fair, my parent’s probably didn’t consider to involve their first-born into technology straight from birth. Those were still simple times for my folks. I probably nominated myself for that position when I managed to break into the entertainment center by picking the child locks to maintain a never-ending loop of Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast.

After I successfully made the TiVo accurately record our primetime schedule, I was confirmed as the designated tech support rep for the family.  We gained our Thursday nights back, and Survivor was never watched live again.

Just because I had a knack for trouble-shooting doesn't necessarily mean I loved it. Throughout my childhood I went through the grieving process with technology. There was denial, as I still don’t believe my mom needs a Twitter page. Anger stemmed from not being able to find a simpler way to state, “You do not need to visit the Yahoo search tool in order to find Google.com.” I have bargained with my other siblings to please power cycle the router so I wouldn’t have to run back home and cut my night short. And I will never forget the crippling depression from the time I witnessed my father’s first selfie.

However, despite the frustrating antics brought on by my parents, I can always accept that without them and what they continue to do for all of their kids, we would all still probably be using AOL.  In spite of my attempts to ensure I worked somewhere rural with a bad cell signal, I have an exceptional love for my parents and a great sense of curiosity to fix things, all thanks to them.

It's funny to have such a back and forth relationship with technology and to end up working for an IT services provider. I certainly don’t foresee myself setting up wireless networks anytime soon, however, I am a big fan of the WiFi in my apartment. Since starting at MyITpros several months ago, it has painfully made me aware that I genuinely don’t know as much as I wish I did. As it turns out, all my experience setting up Mom’s cell phone was nothing to shake a stick at.

However, it has been reassuring to realize I haven’t been totally left in the dust. I manage okay and as it turns out, the little tech knowledge I do possess goes a long way. I am aware that unplugging and plugging a device back in will perform a hard reset; I understand not to using simple passwords since criminals are lazy too; and if all else fails, always Google, Google, Google.

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Megan_Perry_AdminMegan Perry, Administrative Assistant

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