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MyITpros employee spotlight: Meet Nico Trujillo


One of the things MyITpros prides itself on is having a strong culture of teamwork- and that is made possible by our phenomenal staff. Each month, we’re spotlighting one of our awesome team members so you can know the faces behind the brand. This month, we are pleased to sit down and talk to Nico Trujillo- our newly promoted Systems Administrator!

Congratulations on your promotion from Help Desk to Systems Administrator! What are you most excited about with this new role?

"Learning! It sounds silly, but I really am excited to get to play around with more of the hardware that we use and things like switches and firewalls."

cialisgeneriquefr24.combrings a lot of new opportunities in terms of having dedicated clients and being able to significantly impact more people."

For people who may not know, what's the main difference between being a Systems Administrator versus Help Desk at MyITpros?

"As a Systems Administrator I am directly responsible for specific clients and have to continually verify they have everything they need. If
there is something I see that can be improved, I can make recommendations and find the most cost effective way to do it. I become their main point of Nico Spotlightcontact and they can email me directly at anytime."

Describe a fulfilling project you've worked on while at MyITpros.

"I really like doing Office 365 migrations. A lot of people are still using POP email accounts, where nothing is put onto a server. So, for example, if you lost access to that email account you would lose all your emails. But with exchange, you have copies on the server that you can download and get access to wherever. Seeing that process from beginning to end- the ability to get a person onto the right systems and alleviate their worries- always makes me feel great."

What's the most important thing you've learned working at MyITpros?

"How important reliability is. You have to be there for when a client needs you- it can potentially save them a lot of money and certainly time. Even if it means working after hours or going above and beyond, when you say you'll be there to offer support you really have to follow through on your promises and be reliable, every time. Holding myself to that standard and seeing how important it is to clients has been really eye opening."

Where do you want be in 5 years?

"I want to be a Systems Engineer at MyITpros! Really! I plan on being here as long as they want me- MyITpros took a chance on me in the beginning when they made me an intern and I'm so appreciative so I want to give this company everything I have and repay them for their faith in me."

The purpose of this blog is to answer the questions you ask (and show case our talent of course)! Check out more of our employee spotlights here! Or you can visit our team pages to learn about the entire MyITpros family! For questions, comments or to discuss our services, please contact us anytime!

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