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MyITpros service highlight: Software solutions

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At MyITpros, we take our IT solutions as seriously as a ransomware attack! To maintain a sense of reliability and professionalism, we utilize the most up-to-date, trusted platforms for our clients. With the goal of meeting all our clients’ needs, we’ve established robust partnerships with industry-leading applications, security suites and hosts. Here’s a quick review of the services and platforms that we can customize to your unique specifications.


Communication is the cornerstone of any successful business, so why gamble on something as crucial as email? Hosted exchange in Microsoft Office will have your back! Thanks to its record up-time, built-in security features and real-time updates on server health, you can rest a little easier knowing your communications will arrive in a secure and timely manner. For full confidence that your emails are secure and will be delivered to the intended parties, add encryption services from Microsoft or Beachhead, as well as adaptive spam filters from Reflexion.


While cloud solutions are always getting better, you can bet that the bad guys are working just as hard –  if not harder – to keep up. We offer a top-of-the-line suite specifically tailored to our clients, with the goal of ensuring you and your business are as safe as possible. In response to the fact that crypto, malware, spam communications and various other threats are frequently being updated, our offering is a cocktail of some of the most trusted security platforms.

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We start off with a DNS filter from the good folks over at OpenDNS. With this tool, sketchy or questionable content is filtered or blocked completely. After your DNS filtering is handled, you’ll want to cover your butt with our excellent one-two combo of Webroot® Antivirus paired with Malwarebytes. These two platforms are updated daily to keep you one step ahead of would-be security threats.


Safeguarding your email and network from threats is great, but what happens if your physical device is stolen? As mentioned earlier, we are proud to offer Beachhead encryption, which uses the latest encryption setup to ensure the safety of your devices. With Beachhead’s unique encryption services, we can isolate files, recover data and assist in locating devices for recovery – and, if all else fails, we have the ability to nuke the suspect device entirely by wiping it clean of sensitive data!

All in all, the digital world can be a scary place, but we’ve gathered a group of skilled and intelligent technicians ready to assist you. Concerned about network security, physical security for your hardware, hardware procurement, software licensing or custom projects? We can take care of that for you! Please feel free to review our e-books and articles, and if you have any questions, we’re always up for a chat! Give us a call and let us help you make your business secure and reliable. 

JoshCircle.png Josh Alvarez, Project Administrator 

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