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MyITpros vendor spotlight: Storagecraft

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To ensure our clients are safeguarded against everyday threats and accidents, MyITpros works with a vendor called Storagecraft to provides comprehensive and innovative data protection, backup and management.

What is Storagecraft?

Storagecraft is a Utah-based company that has developed a specialty in business continuity products over the past 14 years. In addition to its home office in Draper, Utah, Storagecraft has locations in Japan, Ireland and Australia, making it a truly global operation. The company prides itself on its enterprise data management industry leadership and is guided by the following mission statement: “Deliver solutions to our customers that reduce downtime, improve security and availability for systems and data, and lower the total cost of ownership of servers, PCs and laptops.

Storagecraft’s innovation and ease of use have been recognized with many technological development and user experience-based awards. The company’s ShadowProtect SPX product earned Storagecraft the title of Gold Award Winner in the Best of VMworld 2016's Data Protection category, and Storagecraft also recently received the 2017 Redmond Channel Partner Editor's Choice Award – a peer group review-based award that focuses on ease of use and integration with Microsoft products. 

Why do we work with Storagecraft?

At MyITpros, we use Storagecraft’s products to manage, maintain, recover and back up our clients’ important data. We generally deploy Storagecraft’s offerings when managing large company resources like a file server, web server or domain controller, but they can also be deployed to workstations. One advantage of these software products is that we can set regular intervals for backups to be made, verified, consolidated and removed.

The ability to receive an alert when something goes wrong with a client’s data is another reason we chose Storagecraft. Within minutes of a failed upload or a bad image creation, we are notified via multiple channels, allowing us to address the issue and ensure the data backups are current and ready to be used.

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Storagecraft also allows us to keep multiple copies of our clients’ most important data, which facilitates the assistance process when things go wrong.  Once, a MyITpros client needed to send their main accounting files to QuickBooks Support to be rebuilt line by line, a process that promised to take at least a week. In the meantime, our client was left to manually manage the books or use temporary files. At that point, we stepped in, restored the company’s files to a non-corrupted state and were able to save the client a week without accounting software.

Circumventing ransomware attacks is another example of how we’ve used Storagecraft to provide our clients with next-level data protection and recovery. Ransomware works by locking files on your computer and the network drives to which it’s connected so you cannot open or use the affected data. All it takes is for one employee to open the wrong file, and you may end up with a server full of locked data. With Storagecraft’s hourly backup option, we can pull a backup from before the files were compromised and deploy it within hours of the infection happening.

Storagecraft will likely be MyITpros and many other managed service providers’ top choice for enterprise continuity products for years to come. To find out more about MyITpros’ vendor choices, please contact us today!

JohnCircle.pngJohn Livingston, Help Desk 

MyITpros has been servincing the greater Austin area for 24 years! Check out our full range of IT services or check out some of our greatIT resources!

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