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How To Protect Your Website And Personal Info From Hackers

Because of the recent Target hack and, more locally, the Round Rock ISD website hack, many small business owners are wondering what they can do to protect their website and personal info.

KEYE Reporter Lydia Pantazes interviewed our Technical Services Manager Brady Adams for some tips on how to do just that.

Here are a few brief tips to protect your website and your private info:

1. Work with your website designer and host provider to ensure your site is secure.

2. Update your site on a secure Internet connection. Do not use public WiFi.

3. Do not email your social security number or credit card info.

4. If you need to input credit card info verify that site is secure however, even the most secure can be compromised.

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Lori-Mankin1 Lori Mankin, Marketing Coordinator

Our goal for this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about security or any other topic please email me at lori@myitpros.com. To learn more about IT subscribe to our blog.



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