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Great Question To Ask Your IT Service Candidates

IT service providers are not one-size-fits-all. It is important to choose one that fits your company’s specific needs and personality.

To aid you in screening your candidates and determining which provider aligns with your company’s vision, we comprised a great question to ask your IT candidate.

Ask your IT service provider candidates is, “why did you get into this business?” Responses to this question will speak volumes about what kind of company they are, and whether or not they’d be good a fit for your firm and its unique culture. Be sure to carefully consider their response and what it means for your company. Keep in mind that some responses may warrant further questions.

For example, if the provider says they got into the business because it’s “easy,” that in itself may not be cause to write them off immediately. Consider that the occupation might be easy for them because they have the right mind and knack for it. Ask a few more questions to determine why they answered the way they did.

Similarly, a provider who says they got into IT because it was something they were passionate about isn’t always a sure thing either. In this case, you’ll want to be sure they have a track record of success and that their style fits your needs.

Some providers will have multiple reasons why they got into the business. This could be ideal because it means they will probably approach their job from many different standpoints and with multiple goals or missions.

Soliciting answers from potential ITSPs will give you an idea of how they run their business and what kind of service you will receive from them. Think about what’s important to you and your company as the ITSP tells you what’s important to them.

It’s the best way to ensure you find the right fit. Contact us and we can recommend some providers that will fit your business.

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Bill McCharen, COO

Our goal for this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about managed services or any other topic please email me at bill@myitpros.com. To learn more about IT subscribe to our blog.



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