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Why Do IT Service Providers Take So Long to Respond to Calls for Help?

Surveys consistently show that response time is the single most important issue for customers of any kind of service provider, from plumber to electrician, attorney, accountant or managed service provider.

In our 21 year history, the complaints we’ve heard most often from prospective clients typically sound like this:

“Our current IT service provider takes forever to get things done.”

“Whenever we call our IT guy, we get his voicemail and it takes days for him to return our calls.”

“When we started working with them, they were great. But as we’ve grown it takes them longer and longer to respond when we call, and once they get started it takes longer and longer to get it done, or get it done right.”

When shopping for anything, we are always concerned about price. CompTIA, the leading trade association in the IT industry, did a survey on "The Most Important Elements of Service."  You might be surprised to see where price and value lands.

Below are the percentage of responses to the question, “What element of service is most important?”

  1. Response Time – 30.3%
  2. Fix Time – 22.8%
  3. Completeness – 16.9%
  4. Communication – 7.2%
  5. Technician Ability – 5.3%
  6. All – 5.0%
  7. Other – 4.3%
  8. Ease of Obtaining Service – 3.8%
  9. Professionalism – 2.6%
  10. Product Quality – 1.2%
  11. Parts Availability – 0.6%
  12. Price/Value – 0.1%

That’s right, price and value come in dead last, at 0.1%! Isn’t that amazing? But survey results are similar across all service industries – response time, competency and communication are always at the top of the list, and price is always at the bottom.

When you think about it, though, it’s not so surprising. When we need help from our heating and air conditioning contractor or IT service provider, we usually need it now, if not sooner.

What's Taking So Long?

So why do IT service providers take so long to respond when you need help? The number one reason is this: the number of people on the technical staff is not enough to handle the current workload.

You should know that every managed service provider experiences this from time to time. An influx of new clients or projects from existing customers or the loss of key people will affect even the best managed service provider for some period.

Sadly, too many MSPs operate shorthanded most if not all the time. Reasons vary. Some firms lack the knowledge or resources to attract, hire and retain good people.

For others it’s a matter of money – they win clients with low prices and are then unable to keep their promises, because they can’t afford to get or keep good people or have enough people to deliver service as promised.

MyITpros is proud of our response times, for good reason. We have some of the best and brightest on our service teams, and every client has a 4 or 5 man team assigned to them, not just one tech. When you call our office during business hours, a real person from one of our teams answers the phone. Our average response time is under one hour and we offer a money-backed Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing a two hour response time.

If you’re experiencing poor response times or you’re unhappy with you current managed service provider for any reason, please call us right away. A smart and friendly person will answer the phone and get you the help you need right away.


Chris-BoyleChris Boyle, CEO

Please subscribe to view my upcoming articles. Our goal with this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about managed services plans with procurement or any topic email me at chris@myitpros.com.


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