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Tech advice everyone should know! Love, MyITpros


With over 20 support staff under our roof, we have a huge range of skills and technical expertise at our disposal. This week, we’ve decided to share the wealth! We polled our support team- comprised of help desk, systems administrators and system engineers- and they’re giving us the tech advice they wish everyone knew! You can take it or leave it (but if you leave it, make sure you have a good managed services provider)!

“Your safest bet is always don’t click on it” – Tom, Systems Engineer

“If you don’t know someone, don’t let them remote access your computer.” – Joe, Systems Engineer

“Know your technical limits, and be comfortable with them.” – Anonymous, Help Desk

“If you’re not sure about something, ask. Much better to ask than make a serious mistake.” – Ben, Systems Administrator

“Put a pass code on your phone if you have any work-related things on it.”- Cory B., Systems Administrator

“Check the system for driver updates every quarter.” – John, Help Desk

“Have you tried turning it off and on again.”- Robert, Systems Administrator

“Reboot once a week.” – Cory H., Systems Administrator

“Save early, save often.” – Will, Help Desk

“Better safe than sorry. If it’s questionable, it’s probably something bad.” – Joe, Systems Engineer

“Run an ad blocker.” – Nathan, Systems Engineer

"Be detailed when submitting support cases to your MSP. It allows us to be more efficient and minimize disruptions to your day" - Matt R., Director of Operations

“Diversify and keep track of your passwords.” – Josh, Help Desk

“Double check your backups on a monthly basis.” – Bill, President

“Avoid opening anything from unknown senders.” – Leo, Senior Systems Engineer

"Don't save files locally, save them to the server." - Chris, Help Desk

“Be flexible for security sake. You’ll have to lose a little convenience in order to stay secure.” – Matt N., Service Manager

“Don’t trust everything you read on the internet. Just because someone posted a solution doesn’t mean it’s right.” – Jessica, Help Desk

“Just reboot.” – Nico, Help Desk

“Do not send confidential information in an email.” – Jason, Systems Engineer

And the best advice of all comes courtesy of Jeff, a senior systems engineer:

“Wear sunscreen!”

The purpose of this blog is to answer the questions that you ask! To check out the great minds behind all this technology advice, check out our team page! For more tips, tricks and advice around cloud computing, managed services, cyber security and more head to our resources page.

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