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Telecommuting: Is it Convenient for the Occasional Remote User?

Each day more Austin businesses see the benefit of allowing employees to work remotely, out of the office.  It is clear to see how it benefits certain people, such as a stay-at-home parent or a salesperson who is consistently outside of the office.  What about those of us who only need it occasionally?

When I first learned of an increased popularity in company telecommuting policies I was initially uncomfortable with the idea.  Not only was I concerned it could threaten my work/life balance, I didn’t think it was a practical solution because I am routinely at my desk in the office.

However, I am a marketing assistant for an IT consulting firm so I have to completely embrace new technology, like the cloud, and use until I am comfortable enough to rate it without transition bias.

At MyITpros, I use Cloud7. It allows me to access all my applications and files on any device and at any location with an Internet connection. I simply open an Internet browser and go to www.myitweb.com, login, and my webtop appears.

My webtop lists all of the available applications on our server, as well as the saved files.  It also has some other customizable features such as recently viewed folders or the local weather.

When a file or application is opened, it appears on my taskbar in the same view as if I had opened it on my local desktop. This means the service is truly portable and convenient.

My work hours aren't compromised when I need to take my cats to the vet. Good for people; bad for cats. My work hours aren't compromised when I need to take my cats to the vet. Good for people; bad for cats.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud7?

I enjoy the flexibility that Cloud7 affords me, especially on days that require personal leave.

For example, when I had an appointment with my physician in North Austin, it was convenient to simply go home afterward and work from my laptop (since I also live in north Austin).

Cloud 7 has also come in handy on days where I had a car maintenance appointment or a veterinarian appointment for my cats. It saves time and (gas) money!

In addition, the platform allows for great efficiency during business travel.

Recently, I had to leave work early to get to the airport because I was headed to a business conference in Boston.  I used the airport Wi-Fi to tie up some loose ends before boarding the plane.

Upon arrival I found the first day of the conference had a light schedule.  I was able to access all the software and files I needed with ease so that no time was wasted during this downtime.

Sheridan Steed, Controller, enjoys working remotely at Strange Brew Austin Coffee House. Where would you like working remotely? Sheridan Steed, Controller, enjoys working remotely at Strange Brew Austin Coffee House. Where would you like working remotely?

A downside to cloud computing was that there were a lot of people at the conference using the hotel’s Wi-Fi on breaks. Occasionally, my webtop wouldn’t load, so I was unable to access any applications or files.

Cloud7 requires high-speed Internet. If there are many people using the same bandwidth efficiency is compromised.

What Is Impressive About Working on Cloud7?

After the free 30 minutes of Wi-Fi at the airport, I was disconnected mid-email and I hadn’t saved the draft.  When I paid an Internet fee and logged back in all my applications opened up right where I left them, including the unsaved email I was working on.


Despite my initial apprehension regarding remote work, the last few months have proved that working on Cloud7 can be pretty convenient. There is little difference to the benefits received for the employee that has sporadic personal appointments to the employee that travels constantly.

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Lori-Mankin1 Lori Mankin, Marketing Coordinator

Our goal for this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about cloud solutions or any other topic please email me at lori@myitpros.com. To learn more about IT subscribe to our blog.



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