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MyITpros product review: The Nintendo Switch


During the most recent MyITpros 12 Days of Technology series, one of our top recommendations for an awesome Christmas gift was the Nintendo Switch. If you think you might want a Nintendo Switch but are still on the fence, we have good news for you: One of MyITpros’ system administrators has taken it upon himself to conduct a test! Read on for Dave’s review of the Switch’s versatility, limitations and more.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo’s newest console combines the Wii’s wireless controller functionality with the DS’s portability. Versatility is the name of the game here—in fact, the system’s tagline is “Freedom to have fun. Wherever. Whenever.” Play on the go, dock the console to your TV via HDMI or release the controllers and use the kickstand. The Switch also lets you play online with other gamers, so why not link up to eight systems and play against your friends for bragging rights? The system’s multiple use cases mean I can easily take my Switch on a flight, play while lying on the couch or engage in some more competitive gaming from my man cave!

So, how good is the Switch?

In comparison to other current-gen consoles, the Switch is on the lower end. For instance, the buttons on the controllers are small, although that could be a side effect of my fat man hands. Don’t get me wrong, it’s neat that the Joy-Con can be used vertically, sideways or as a one- or two-piece, but I find myself pressing the wrong button often. Additionally, the graphics seem compressed due to the limited horsepower, so don’t expect any mind-blowing visuals. In my opinion, the Switch is better than a tablet, but not up to console level. I’m giving it a passing grade, but no achievements earned in this field.

In terms of the games themselves, the selection is still being built out because the Switch is a newer console, but classics such as Mario Kart and Donkey Kong are all there. The standout game is Zelda–Breath of the Wild, part of the iconic franchise that’s one of the core offerings on almost every Nintendo console. Because Zelda is a must-have in any true gamer’s life, I’m giving the Switch’s games an A++ with the “I’m a nerd for Zelda” achievement.

What’s the verdict?

Should you rush out to the store? Well, I did, but that was because I had to have the new Zelda. I think the Switch’s portability and versatility make it a great system overall, but is it worth $300? Probably not, although your mileage may vary.

DaveCircle.png Dave Linn, Systems Adminstrator II

You can check out more information on the Switch and other cool technology products we recommeded here. Or just swing by Dave's team page and learn more about him and the rest of our awesome staff!

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