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4 ways to keep your technology in tip-top shape


No matter what field or job you work in, you’re most likely dependent on technology in some way. With mobile phones, computers and other hardware being so integral to operations, it is important to keep them healthy and in top working order. Unfortunately, simple maintenance oftentimes gets forgotten. But with these quick tips, you’ll keep both your technology and your business happy!

Don’t skip your updates

Everyone sees those little update notifications pop up in the corner of the screen, but it’s easy to keep hitting “Later” or ignore the alerts completely. Next time you’re tempted to procrastinate, remember that these software updates are important measures intended to protect your device against vulnerabilities by delivering bug fixes or patching security holes. They also serve a myriad of other purposes, including adding new features, removing outdated components and updating drivers.

Clean your devices- on the inside and outside

Did you know the dust, dirt and food crumbs that inevitably collect on your devices can actually harm them? For example, dust settling into electronics may cause overheating issues. Find a good cleaner that is device-specific, and make using it part of your weekly or monthly office routine. Keeping your devices “clean” on the inside is just as important. Go through your files periodically to clear space, and get rid of extensions and programs you no longer use to optimize efficiency. For mobile devices, delete old apps and consider how many are set to continuously update in the background.

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Install antivirus software

We all know the internet is littered with viruses and ransomware, and effective antivirus software is one of your best defenses against anything malicious as you continually download files, open emails, click links and generally navigate the digital world. Meanwhile, phishing scams have gotten incredibly sophisticated and are not as easy to spot, so even if you are downloading a file from a trusted source, there is still the possibility it may contain a virus. Investing in antivirus software is like putting a security guard at the entryway of your computer system to both protect you from and proactively warn you of danger.

Pay attention to hardware shelf life

Every piece of hardware belonging to your business has an expiration date, although these vary depending on type. For example, a laptop or a mobile device has a quicker turnover rate than a network server. MyITpros advises its clients to plan on changing out each piece of hardware every five years. As not every piece will be on the same schedule, a good rule of thumb is to dedicate 20% of your annual IT budget to hardware updates. That way, at the end of each five-year period, you can restart the cycle and update your inventory bit by bit while keeping your update budget manageable and fixed. You should also make sure you are paying attention to aging cables, batteries and chargers.

Protecting the integrity of your technology is just as important as protecting the integrity of your business. Hiring a managed services provider can go a long way to make sure you stay on top of the elements described above and incorporate other best practices. Contact us today for more information around how MyITpros can help you maintain your technology!

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