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Posted by Marketing | October 4, 2017

The future of cloud computing in business

Businesses have spoken, and the verdict is in: The cloud is the favorite choice for storage, database backup and[...]

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Posted by Marketing | May 9, 2017

MyITpros service spotlight: Hosted cloud solutions

Hosting your company in the cloud is not a new idea anymore – in fact, the cloud has been the preferred choice for[...]

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Posted by Marketing | April 28, 2017

Public, private, hybrid: 3 cloud types you should know about

The importance of utilizing cloud computing in business is not a new concept. In fact, we at MyITpros have covered[...]

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Posted by Marketing | November 27, 2016

Why real estate businesses are moving to the cloud

It turns out that the old real estate expression “Location, location, location” isn’t just about property anymore.[...]

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Posted by Stefanie | October 11, 2016

CPAs in the cloud: Better operations, happier clients

If you’re a CPA and haven’t moved your business to the cloud, you’re far from alone. According to the most recent [...]

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Posted by Stefanie | September 7, 2016

The top 2 cloud decisions for healthcare providers

More and more organizations – 93%, according to one survey – are turning to the cloud to lower capital and operating[...]

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Posted by Stefanie | August 16, 2016

Cloud security: Does the risk outweigh the rewards?

It’s 2016, and the push to move everything to the cloud has not slowed down one bit. Everyone from casual PC users[...]

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Posted by Stefanie | July 19, 2016

Why you need to know what a data retention policy is (and what might happen if you don't)

For most business owners today, it’s common knowledge that critical business data needs to be backed up – not just[...]

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Posted by Stefanie | May 3, 2016

3 cloud computing myths, debunked!

While still considered a relatively new innovation, cloud storage has quickly established itself as a must-have[...]

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Posted by Marketing | October 1, 2015

How Cloud Solutions Help Austin Businesses During ACL

Austin businesses are becoming more and more accustomed to brief visitor spikes. Each year we take on a flood of[...]

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