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Posted by Stefanie | October 4, 2016

7 tweets about technology that are totally relatable (and funny!)


Here at MyITpros, we eat, breathe and live all things IT-related. But as much as we love technology, we get it- sometimes it is frustrating, weird or just plain funny! We've rounded up some of the best tweets about technology on the web to lighten up your (and our) week! If you're anything like us, you'll probably laugh and say "me too" to at least one of these!

We've all got password probz...

PW tweet

 When technology and parenting collide...

Parent tweet


 It's all about priorities...


 Someone has jokes...(I've used this in work too!)

Jokes Tweet

The struggle is real...

Code Tweet

What about a wifi password makes it so hard to remember...

Ouija Twwet

Ah the good ol' days....

Tech Tweet

We want to hear your best IT jokes, tweets, one liners and more in the comments below- or just pick up the phone and contact us! We can talk managed services AND have a laugh! Feel free to check out our services page or meet our team too!

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