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Top 3 Value-Adds with Managed Services

One of the things we often hear after we sign up a client for managed services is how pleased they are at how much more value they derive from this way of handling IT than they got from the traditional break/fix approach or from an in-house IT person. The added value of managed services comes from having several resources at your disposal that you didn’t have before, and that you don’t have to pay for over and above the fixed monthly fee you pay per user to have a third party manage your IT.

If you’re thinking about moving your small business to managed services, or if you already have a contract in place and are eager to experience everything this IT model has to offer, here are the top three areas of added value we’ve identified based on experiences with our managed services clients.

1. Unlimited Help Desk Services

MyITpros managed services contracts include unlimited access to our help desk for all your users. So anytime someone has a problem – from a forgotten password to a frozen screen, and everything in between – they can just call our team of experts to get it resolved. It empowers your users, and it frees you from having to be the gatekeeper for technology issues. It’s also always there when you need it, not just during regular business hours. (We even go in and put a sticker on every computer at a client’s business with our help desk contact information on it to remind users we’re there for them and encourage them to call anytime they need help.)

2. 24/7 Technology Monitoring

Another area where managed services will add value is in monitoring your technology infrastructure around the clock for problems and potential problems, so they can be resolved before they become major issues. Again, this is just part of what you get for your fixed monthly fee with our managed services contracts. We install a small piece of software on every piece of equipment to monitor performance, so we can see signs of trouble even before you do. This type of remote connection can also be used to deploy software, updates or whatever you need to keep everything running smoothly. And it enables extensive reporting on all of it that can help with managing inventory, security and other aspects of the IT environment.

3. Purchasing And Vendor Management

Every company has a set of vendors – probably five to ten at a typical small business – for basic office services like Internet, email, phone and so forth. Having a managed services contract means that your managed services provider can take over managing all your tech-related vendors, so you only have one point of contact for everything. It’s a lot more convenient and efficient than trying to juggle multiple vendors, especially if you ever need to coordinate several vendors at a time for a project. At MyITpros, managing vendors for you also means managing technology purchases. So when you need to buy hardware or software, you have someone to take care of getting quotes, placing orders, scheduling delivery and doing whatever else needs to be done to procure whatever your organization needs. And again, there’s no additional cost to do this above and beyond the fixed monthly cost per user.

We’ve had clients who’ve resisted making the move to managed services because they saw it as adding a monthly cost they didn’t have before. But when people look at the value received for that monthly cost – including the predictability of one fee for everything, rather than having to pay a la carte for different services you need – it’s pretty easy to understand why it’s become increasingly appealing for so many small businesses.

If you’d like to learn more about managed services, please contact us.

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Bill McCharen, COO

Our goal for this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about cloud computing or any other topic please email me at bill@myitpros.com. To learn more about IT subscribe to our blog.



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