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An expert IT partner for your non-profit



To stay on the cutting edge and maintain trust with donors, you need the right IT partner. MyITpros provides end-to-end IT solutions that give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on what really matters – CHANGING THE WORLD

Bill McCharen

“At MyITpros, our mission has always been to help and empower businesses in Austin, but it is always an incredible benefit when we get to help and partner with other mission-minded organizations. When we work with non-profits, we feel we get to share in the work of their mission and take part in their success. That really makes this work meaningful.”

- Bill McCharen, CEO

A sense of community is what lies at the core of our operations.

This is also something that we value on all levels - local, national and international - and believe it's everyone’s responsibility to do their part. For us, a part of this commitment is embracing the spirit of giving back and choosing to work with non-profits to develop the solutions that will further their cause.

Over the past 25 years, we have made it our duty to ensure that the non-profits we serve know that we support them. We show up for our clients through our discounted management service offerings and an unmatched understanding of the high stakes environment they exist in. Without a doubt, it is in these spaces that we are reminded of the impetus behind our operations and take pride in knowing that we are helping to make a difference.

What you get with MyITpros


24/7 Support

Your non-profit operations depend on a streamlined system with minimal downtime. Technical issues are an unavoidable reality, but they don’t have to throw a wrench in productivity or slow your organization down.

Our 24/7 Help Desk provides quick solutions so you aren’t left hanging. With just one phone call, you have your IT expert in your back pocket. IT issues can’t always be predicted but we’ll provide you with the relief you need when you need it most (especially if you’re in the middle of an annual fundraising campaign or donor event).


Non-profit IT consulting

A MyITpros non-profit consultant will set your organization up for long term success and ensure your team has the tools they need to continuously improve their performance. Whether it’s managing grant data, testing a donation portal or adding security to your website, we know the quickest way to get you to achieve your goal.

Our top-tier non-profit IT consultants are passionate about non-profit IT and act as dedicated partners in bringing your organization's mission and values to life. For us, that’s the real reward.


Data that are backed up, the right way

As a non-profit, data is your currency. Your data’s accessibility and security not only determines your overall productivity, but relationship-building capacities and ultimately your organization’s longevity.

Where the accidental deletion of funding info or a power outage that leads to loss of fiscal data could be devastating, your MyITpros backup solution ensures you’ll be up and running again in no time.


Future-proofing stakeholder data

Confidentiality of donor information is dependent on a secure and reliable network. We take proactive measures to secure your data so that you can stay miles ahead of reputation damaging breaches.

Our IT experts specialize in specific data security measures that protect non-profit organizations. We’ll implement solutions to safeguard your reputation by preventing stakeholder data from falling into the wrong hands.

Other ways we support our community

Showing up for our clients in non-IT ways also matter!

We love to get involved in quarterly volunteer events, sponsorships and fundraisers. Every spring, we even run an Office Olympics to raise money for a Texas-based non-profit. We truly care about serving your organization and so if you ever need book donations for your book drive? We’ve got your back. Need to make a final push in that fundraising event? We are happy to promote your cause on our social media. Your service is needed in the world and we want to help you to achieve that goal.

Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your IT performance

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