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ManagedSecurity Services

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Working with Ben Bernstein and the team has been an absolute blessing. They truly care about my firm’s success and have gone the extra mile multiple times to ensure we’re taken care of. Our firm considers MyITpros as a business partner, not a vendor!

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Lauren Davis Stark

Director of Operations and Marketing
Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford, LLP

All managed services programs include:

Initial security assessment

MyITpros will establish a security baseline to identify and close existing vulnerabilities

Password policies

We will implement policies to make sure your network and applications are protected

Advanced endpoint security

Our triple-layer security plan utilizes Cisco Umbrella, Webroot and Malwarebytes to protect your computer and data from cyberattacks

Security patches

It’s important to keep your software up-to-date, so MyITpros will automatically update your systems to protect your computers from the latest known attacks


Ensure your network parameters are safe to prevent unauthorized Internet traffic from reaching your computers. This hardware-as-a-service solution includes management, warranty and same-day replacement if required

Data security

We’ll provide ongoing management of your backups

Take your security to new heights with our next level security services:


Email security

MyITpros can protect your email from spam, viruses and phishing attacks. Our solution also works with traditional defenses such as allow/block lists and content filtering to provide an exceptional degree of inbox control

Multi-factor authentication

Implementing MFA for your personnel can be painful as users have to balance security with ease of access. MyITpros can help you develop a road map for MFA implementation and assist your end users in navigating this protocol

Security awareness training

We partner with KnowBe4, a leading security software, to educate your users on internet best practices through a variety of tactics


MyITpros offers whole disk encryption for your sensitive data. We manage this service from a centralized platform allowing all your encrypted devices to be remotely deleted if they should fall into the wrong hands

HIPAA secure now

We’ll work with you to implement HIPAA training for your users, conduct annual risk assessments and complete thorough documentation

Get a FREE Dark Web Report for your business.

Don’t wait until your hard work and most sensitive information are compromised and potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars, as well as the invaluable trust of your customers. Take advantage of this opportunity NOW and rest easy knowing exactly what’s happening with your business’s data.

I can always trust that MyITpros will pick up the phone, often within seconds. There is always a knowledgeable staff member available to help me sort out my problem.

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Denis Phocus

Alpha Granite