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A fast, easy, and free way to protect your business

against 95% of security breaches.


This powerful training helps you dramatically reduce costly breaches caused by your number one security threat - your employees!

If you think your business is safe from cybercrime, consider that 43% of cybercrime targets small to medium sized firms like yours, more than any other segment.

What’s more?

62% of businesses have been found to have insufficient security measures/policies in place that leave them exposed to breaches even though they reported being up-to-date.

So if you believe you’re not at risk, you need to reconsider your position.

Implementing the simple and rapid training recommended on this page could save your company from massive reputational damage and financial loss.

Most businesses underestimate the threat they face from cyber attacks, believing that high profile financial organisations are the more obvious targets.

If you’re one of them, we strongly urge you to reconsider your position.

The truth is that...

If your company has 5-45 employees, you represent the perfect target for cybercriminals.

The client data you handle is highly valuable, while your security measures are likely less secure than those of larger firms.

Still think you’re safe? Consider this...

According to the University of Maryland, cyber attacks now occur every 39 seconds. And 43% of those focus on small businesses (more than any other sector). Especially those that handle valuable financial data. And since COVID-19 hit, attacks are up at least 37%.

But here’s the good news: 95% of breaches are caused by human error that anyone on your team could make.


Your people are far and away the greatest security risk to your company.

Why is that good news?

Because it’s something you can start taking action on today. You can quickly and easily train them to avoid the vast majority of attacks. When they learn to spot cybercrime attempts, they’re far less likely to click on fraudulent links. Or inadvertently share secure information with a criminal.

Companies around the world become victims of cybercrime every day...

So take action to secure your clients’ financial data, maintain their trust, and protect your rock solid reputation!

Our cybersecurity team created a fast and easy-to-implement training tool specifically for small businesses like yours. It’s the most comprehensive user training program we’ve ever done.

We originally created it for our clients. But we’ve recently made this available to other Central Texas businesses with zero investment required.

Why is this user training tool so valuable?

Our cybersecurity experts worked hard to ensure this training was something that would genuinely support our clients’ security.

They analyzed the most recent information on cybercrime in the small business sector and put together a training presentation that will immediately level up cybersecurity at your company...

And, as stated previously, by doing so you’ll be able to dramatically reduce your risk for user error, which accounts for up to 95% of breaches.


This is critical because, whether or not your breach immediately costs you thousands of dollars, Texas law requires reporting to affected clients, which could lead to:

Significant client loss due to diminished trust (often the greatest cost of an attack).
Permanent damage to your hard earned reputation that impacts virtually all future client relationships.
Legal suits, claims and fines.

And those costs don’t even reflect the fees associated with expert support to help mitigate loss and reduce the impact of a breach.

Which is why this training is a must-have for your team. 

What’s inside this powerful training deck?

We made this training as comprehensive and easy to implement as possible. Inside we provide:

IT security training Austin
A ready-to-use powerpoint presentation with 33 clear and easy-to-understand slides you can present and can educate your people on precisely what they need to do to keep the company and themselves secure. You’ll rest easy knowing your team is better prepared than most.
IT security training San Antonio
A presentation format that helps each employee understand their personal responsibility for your company’s security and gets your team engaged with being part of the solution (so your people know how to take action).
IT system training San Antonio
Clear and easy to understand speaker’s notes that let you dive deeper into the material being presented on each slide to maximize its impact (so your team sees your dedication to the topic and understands how important this really is).
IT system training Austin
Specific training on today’s most prevalent threats and how to spot them well before they become a problem (so double-checking for signs of fraud becomes an employee instinct).
Managed IT system training Austin
Proactive measures everyone on your team can take to dramatically reduce the risk of them becoming the weak link in your defenses (so they have an immediate way to take action and reinforce these positive behaviors).

What’s in it for us?

The answer to that question is two-fold…

First off, cybercrime is on the rise right now. Since COVID-19, cybercrime attempts are up at least 37% and that number is climbing.

We want to help as many of our neighboring SMBs remain secure during what is arguably the most unsecure time in recent history.

But we’ll be open and honest…

Sometimes when we connect with a company by doing trainings like this they ask us to support their additional security upgrades. And sometimes they don’t, and that’s fine with us.

In the end, those that get the training are much better off and those that need more help get what they need to remain completely secure. It’s a win-win for everyone. Either way, this allows you to take a giant leap towards securing your people and your business.

We know making a presentation on a topic you’re not entirely familiar with can be difficult or uncomfortable. Which is why we want to make this really easy for you.

This training is more important than ever before...

Cybercrime is at a level we haven’t seen in recent years and attacks on small businesses occur every day.

Securing your company starts with training your people to instinctively avoid cybercrime.

This is the tool you use to do that.