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Our Services

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Everything you need to achieve IT success for your business.

Be it the confidence of cutting edge security measures, the productivity of operating in your ideal cloud environment, or the freedom of a full-scope managed services partnership, we have the solution for each of your business’ unique requirements.


Our services

Choosing the right IT support solutions for your business means knowing exactly how your partner will support your success. Review the summaries of our service offerings below and click on each for more information.

Managed Services

Take a load off. We’ll handle your technology so you can focus on your mission.


  • Responsive IT support team
  • Always there for you
  • Focus on your success

Cloud Services

Seamless integration into the perfect cloud environment for your business's unique requirements.


  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance security

Security Services

Never worry about whether your critical systems and data are safe.


  • Up-to-the-minute updates
  • Automate your compliance
  • Stay completely secure

Co-managed IT

You’ll have the strategic expertise of the best IT minds in Texas and the resources of a sophisticated IT team at your full disposal.


  • Increased productivity
  • Strategic direction
  • Solutions in every size

The staff have raved about the customer service.

Austin customer service testimony
Joan Wabschall

Executive Director

Our service values


Rest easy and focus on your business because our security experts have your back! MyITpros keeps your company out of the reach of cybercriminals with 24/7 monitoring and a best-in-class security platform.


Our robust team structure ensures that your supported by dedicated support specialists with a wide range of skills and that each of your them understand what makes your business thrive. Consider them a part of YOUR team.


Our response times are quick, and we hold ourselves accountable. No call queues here- you’ll speak to a real person, every time.


Our proactive management approach means we’re focused on monitoring and improving rather than simply putting out fires. That means increased up-time and lowered risk of business disruption.

I have been very happy with the attention to detail in managing my IT system. My assigned team member responds in a timely manner to our requests and emergencies. I was especially pleased when they saved us from the crypto virus.

Austin managed IT security testimony
Janet Hagy

Hagy & Associates, PC

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