In addition to encouraging an image-based backup for your servers, we also recommend clients backup critical machines. Ideally, all files would be stored on the server to ensure critical documents are backed up. However, we realize this isn’t always possible or practical.

Use A Sync And Share Application

The best solution for clients to easily and affordable backup files on all critical devices is to use a sync and share application like Cloud7 Files.

cloud7 files

Cloud7 Files is a centralized file system that creates a well-organized and collaborative environment for business documents. Since laptops, tablets and smartphones are used interchangeably on a daily basis, users will now be able to securely sync their files securely across all of them.

Benefits of Cloud7 Files

Over and above serving as an excellent backup method for critical machines, some benefits of this service are:

  • Remote access to all files from any device in any location
  • Simple file sharing to internal or external recipients
  • Access to documents even when offline
  • Data is encrypted to ensure sensitive data is safe and secure
  • All document changes are stored
  • Remote wipes can be quickly performed


There is a one time setup fee of $250.00. There is also a recurring month fee of $8 per user and $0.25 per GB of storage.