As a part of our efforts to empower Cloud7 clients we have developed a few training materials. This training page is designed for users who want brief succinct direction. Download our Cloud7 Training PDF for a more detailed guide.

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Welcome to Cloud7

You may be wondering what Cloud7 is and why your organization has decided to utilize it.

Cloud7 allows you to access all your company files and programs (apps) through a website. This means none of the files or apps you use on Cloud7 are actually on your computer (local). The files and apps are stored in a data center and accessed through the web.

Some reasons that organizations decide to implement Cloud7 are:

  1. Files and programs (apps) can be accessed from anywhere on any device.
  2. Business files are centralized.
  3. Backups are reliable and redundant.
  4. Offline access to network files is seamless.

Best Practice

We understand transitioning to a cloud platform can be difficult. However, the more you use Cloud7, the more benefits you will experience.

We strongly advise you use programs (apps) and store files exclusively on Cloud7. Do not run programs or store files on your local computer. It becomes very confusing if you use programs and store files in both places.

Obviously, the exception is if you use some software that cannot be hosted on Cloud7. In which case you will need to continue to use this program locally. You will store items in Cloud7 Files. Download the Cloud7 Files PDF.

Access Your Account

  1. Open any Internet browser.
  2. Type in the address bar
  3. Enter your username (your email address)
  4. Enter your password (provided by MyITpros)
  5. Click Log on
  6. If this is your first time logging in you will need to download the Citrix Plug-In

Ready to cut loose? Watch this brief tour and be on your way.

Cloud7 Desktop

Cloud7 Desktop Cloud Computing Training

If you would like to work in a more traditional layout click Cloud7 Desktop. It is  similar to how you work on a PC.

You can launch apps and access files in what looks like a typical desktop.

Launch Apps

  1. Click Apps to view your applications (programs).
  2. Click + to add the apps you typically use.
  3. Click All Apps.
  4. Click the apps to add them to your apps page. A green check mark will appear to let you know the app was added.
  5. Once you have added all the apps you typically use, click anywhere in the web browser background to return to your apps page.

Launch Apps – Click on an app or right click an app and select Start.

Move Apps – Click an app and drag.

Remove Apps – Hover over the app and click the green X or right click and select Remove.

Access Files

To access all your files, click Cloud7 Explorer.

Public Files – Everyone can access these files.

Groups – Only users with permission can access certain folders.

User Folder – Only you can view this folder.

Outlook Setup

  1. Click Cloud7 Outlook. The Startup box will appear.
  2. Click Next and follow directions.

Cloud7 Firefox

If you use hosted software and need to upload business files from the company server you should use Cloud7 Firefox.

It is also helpful if you save downloaded files to company server frequently.

For bandwidth and consistent performance, we recommend that you access websites like YouTube on your local browser as opposed to Cloud7 Firefox.

Upload Browser Bookmarks

Many of our clients who use Cloud7 Firefox ask how to move their bookmarks over.

  1. In your local Firefox select Tools>Options. The pop-up below will appear.
    firebox bookmarks1
  2. Select the Sync tab
  3. Click Set Up Firefox Sync
  4. Select Create a New Account
  5. Fill in fields and click Next
  6. Click OK and this window will close
  7. Wait for the Setup to load in the original browser
  8. Return to your Cloud7 Apps Page and launch Cloud7 Firefox
    firebox bookmarks2
  9. Click the Firefox drop menu and select Options. The pop-up you saw earlier will appear.
  10. Click Sync>Set Up Firefox Sync
  11. Click I Have an Account. You will enter this code on your locally running Firefox to bring your bookmarks over to Cloud7 Firefox.
  12. Return to your local Firefox browser. Select Tools>Options and that now very familiar pop-up will appear.
  13. Select Sync
  14. Click Pair a Device
  15. Enter the code from Cloud7 Firefox and click Next.

When the window states “Device Connected”  your bookmarks are synced to Cloud7 Firefox. Click Finish.