Tom Palmer

Tom Palmer

Help Desk

What do you like best about working at MyITpros?

“The people and the daily challenges. I learn something new on a daily basis here and everyone is super supportive if I get stuck on an issue and have questions. And the people here create a really fun environment even on the stressful days.”

What one piece of technical advice could you never live without?

“Keep digging. Someone has the answer. I’m obsessive about finding a solution to a problem and in depth research is my best friend in that regard.”

Which MyITpros core value do you identify with the most?

“I identify the most with Learn and improve. In this industry, learning is constant and necessary. Plus I was always the weird kid that enjoyed school.”

What are you most passionate about in your work?

“Learning as much as possible.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in Austin?

“Eat and go to concerts. Austin has some amazing restaurants and the live music scene is…well…famous.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

“I’ve been playing guitar for about 26 years. In my free time I play guitar for my girlfriend who is a singer/songwriter, a metal band, and a local R&B artist that was on the first season of The Voice.”